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Tulare County confirms sixth death; Nunes’ challenger gets boost

Gov. Gavin Newsom, in a news conference over the weekend, said California has drastically cut down its COVID-19 testing backlog.

Health officials in the state have managed to shrink the pileup of pending tests by more than two thirds in less than a week, he said.

Of California’s nearly 40 million residents, 126,000 people Fresno News have been tested for coronavirus, which causes the respiratory illness COVID-19, the Associated Press reported.

And the state’s isolation and social distancing measures also appear to be paying off, as California continues to be outpaced by other states that are adding new cases at higher rates.

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In the central San Joaquin Valley, the number of positive cases — and related deaths — continues to climb.

A total of six people have died in Tulare County. The county’s Health and Human Service Agency announced the sixth death on Monday. It was the third death over the weekend. Two people died on Friday.

On Saturday, the agency confirmed that the county was seeing community transmission of the coronavirus.

Ten people have now died of coronavirus in Fresno, Tulare, Madera and Merced counties.

Fresno County reported five more people had tested positive in its regular daily update Sunday, bringing the county’s total number of cases to 108. This follows confirmation of the county’s first death on Friday.

In Merced County, the Department of Health confirmed on Sunday its first coronvirus-related death. The patient was a man under the age of 65 with underlying health conditions.

The city on Monday, announced its plans to administer its piece of the $750,000 emergency loan effort that’s planned in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The city is partnering with the Fresno Economic Opportunity Commission and Access Plus Capital, a small business loan fund, to deliver the loan dollars.

Businesses with five or fewer employees can apply for $5,000 and businesses Press Release Distribution Services In Fresno  with six to 25 employees can apply for $10,000. The loans are interest-free and can be forgiven after a year if the business stays afloat. Businesses must apply with Access Plus Capital by midnight on April 12 to be considered, according to Emelia Reyes, president of EOC.

The money will be split evenly among the city’s seven council districts and may be rewarded by a random drawing,

“Small businesses are the heart of our economy and they’re experiencing unprecedented disruptions,” Mayor Lee Brand said.

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