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Online Exhibition for Kobina Wright’s Latest Art Series, On View Until September 1st

CALIFORNIA – Artist, writer and entrepreneur, Kobina Wright, curates and exhibits “Part I” of her latest series of large-scale ink on paper drawings. The name of the series is, “Black and Blue: Part I – The Asking and Knowing.” The virtual exhibition through the online platform The Exhibit, is scheduled to open July 1st through September 1st.


“Black and Blue: Part I” is a series Wright is creating that incorporates her abstract and surrealist style and explores time variables and sigil energy. A sigil, according to Wright, is a symbol that is created to bend reality to a person’s will and is used in magic and rootwork. Wright uses only black and blue ink on paper in the series, dubbing her unique contrasting styles of minimalism and maximalism as Least-Pennism.


“The time variables,” says Wright of her current series, “Give me both, permission to stop and permission to continue. It allows me to limit detail in specific conditions and push for more in others.” The time variables of the work on display play with one hour, one week and one month time increments.


Kobina Wright, is a California native and currently lives in the California chaparral. She's also the creator of the Hodaoa-Anibo language and dictionary - a work of art dedicated to her ancestral lineage brought to the land in bondage. Her poetry and short stories can be found in various literary magazines, including her recent poem titled, “Offering,” in the Spring 2020 (Volume 11) of the West Trade Review. Wright is the owner of the company, Heart of Yemalla and her art has been exhibited around the world including, Thailand, Spain, Slovenia, Amsterdam, England and Suriname.


To view the online exhibition of “Black and Blue: Part I – The Asking and Knowing” go to: To see more work by Kobina Wright, go to:




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