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Why You Should Keep WordPress Updated And Backed Up

Popular blogging template and hosting service WordPress Support is often the target of unscrupulous hackers. WordPress security updates are made as new threats are detected. Patches to security and plugins keep WordPress safe and secure for bloggers who utilize the service. These updates and patches are offend found online at the WordPress support section. Checking these updates out allows users the chance to download what is relevant for their WordPress site.

So what are these threats and how does WordPress fight against them? One of the most common security threats to WordPress sites are spambots. Spambots are computer-generated apps that send out spam emails or harvest email and commenter emails to be used maliciously. A spambot attack in August of 2013 hit several thousand WordPress sites and harvested user emails. These emails then got flooded with spam of all sorts, from all countries. 

WordPress immediately got their tech teams to work to perfect a new, AP multi-tier authentication process for the WordPress site manager to mitigate risks to the site, including risks to any users who sign in to post comments. Once the problem was discovered WordPress had a patch in place within days.

While security online will always be an issue, WordPress security techs stay abreast of the latest threats, rumors of hacks and where new threats are found. Constant internal testing is conducted for Professional WordPress Help services. Keeping WordPress core and your active plugins up to date will help close these security holes before your site is compromised.

If you site is compromised the safest and quickest way to fix it is to restore a backup copy of the site from before the attack. Have a month or more of backups helps in cases where you don't notice your site has been compromised right away. Once you restore the backup all the plugins and themes should be updated to the latest releases. These releases will often outline the security fixes they've made by WordPress Development Company.

After things are fixed you may need to contact Google to remove any malware or spam flags they have on the domain. Additionally, you should harden the site's security by adding a security plugin, fixing any permission that may allow an attacker to gain access, and re-infect the site. All passwords should also be changed as an added security percussion and help prevent more attacks in the future.

In summary;

Keep everything up to date.
Have a month of backups that can quickly be restored.
Have strong passwords in place.
Have a security plugin in place to help prevent common attacks.
At WP Support HQ we have plans to help with WordPress backups, updates, security, and support. Our plans let you worry about your business not your website software.

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