Alabama City Slated to Host Trump Rally Declares Covid-19 Emergency

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The metropolis of Cullman, Alabama, which was slated to big a rally featuring erstwhile President Donald Trump, has declared a Covid-19-related authorities of exigency up of the event.

“The declaration of the State of Emergency allowed the metropolis to supply the further unit and instrumentality for this weekend’s governmental rally aft it was requested by Cullman Regional,” according to reporting from AL.

The metropolis volition besides supply a tent, generator, and aerial conditioning portion truthful the rally, held by the Alabama Republican Party, tin proceed. Fire, EMT, and constabulary unit volition besides beryllium connected manus to assistance with wellness issues related to the rally, specified arsenic dehydration.

“We privation to forestall arsenic galore non-Covid related things arsenic possible, truthful our infirmary tin usage its resources to absorption connected the pandemic and its variants,” said Luke Satterfield, an lawyer for the city. “We don’t privation to enactment immoderate other strain connected them.”

In the days starring up to the rally, erstwhile President Trump, via his spokeswoman Liz Harrington, has issued statements lambasting President Joe Biden for his effect to the ongoing withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has besides continued to beforehand conspiracy theories astir the 2020 wide election, declaring that “Fake Elections person consequences.”

"Fake Elections person consequences" - President Donald J. Trump


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