Apple backtracks on some iOS 15 Safari design changes, now offering multiple UI layouts in Settings

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(Pocket-lint) - Rather controversially, Apple made some large plan changes to Safari, drastically altering the default look of the autochthonal web browser connected iOS. Now, successful the latest beta, Apple has somewhat reverted those changes and added further options wrong Settings that'll let users to take betwixt the caller look of Safari connected iOS 15 oregon instrumentality with the erstwhile appearance.

Most predominately antithetic betwixt the 2 is the determination of the URL bar, which successful past iOS versions has been firmly sat astatine the apical of the show - the aforesaid spot it is connected astir each web browsers. In iOS 15, however, Apple shifted the URL to 'float' connected the other broadside of the surface astatine the precise bottom. While this determination is intelligibly a displacement towards helping iOS enactment amended connected larger mobile displays by drifting the important contented to wrong a thumbs reach, older users and those not arsenic technically savvy to UI changes mightiness find the alteration to beryllium alternatively disturbing to the accepted iOS acquisition they've travel to cognize and recognize however to us. 

If you’ve already been utilizing the iOS 15 Public Beta and you're blessed with the caller Safari design, you tin inactive expect immoderate changes to travel your mode nevertheless arsenic adjacent the "newer" iOS 15 mentation of Safari is seeing an update successful this beta. Gone is the floating URL barroom each connected its own, and successful arrives a caller bottommost barroom layout that includes a abstracted dedicated fastener sheet and options to alteration oregon disable the caller scenery tab barroom system. 

The caller options paper wrong Settings that'll let iOS 15 users to power betwixt Safari layouts. 

Another tiny tidbit to enactment astir the latest beta is that Apple has clarified that SharePlay volition nary longer beryllium launching alongside iOS 15, but alternatively beryllium added successful a aboriginal bundle update sometime during the iOS 15 lifecycle. 

For an overview of each the caller features coming to iOS 15, check retired our recap close here.

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 18 August 2021.

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