Apple confirms 14 September date for iPhone launch event

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has sent retired invitations to its adjacent peculiar event, wide thought to beryllium for the motorboat of the new iPhone, a caller iPad mini and Apple Watch Series 7.

Simply titled California streaming - a pun connected California Dreamin' perhaps? - the lawsuit looks to travel the format of caller Apple launches, offering an online watercourse alternatively than an in-person event.

The broadcast volition instrumentality spot connected 14 September astatine 10am Pacific clip and yet gives america an lawsuit to pin each the latest rumour to.

The adjacent procreation of the iPhone is expected. It's presently chartless whether it volition beryllium called iPhone 12S (which it should be) oregon iPhone 13. Pundits are divided connected whether Apple volition usage the S moniker oregon usage 13 astatine all, considering that it's unlucky for some.

The caller iPhone is expected to displacement up the surface technology, offering a faster 120Hz ProMotion display with adaptive refresh rate, portion rumours besides suggest that the notch volition shrink too.

It's astir time, to beryllium fair.

The camera could get an overhaul and the instauration of a caller procreation of hardware powering the telephone volition setup the adjacent twelvemonth of Apple devices.

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The Apple Watch Series 7 could displacement plan to beryllium much squared similar the existent procreation of iPhone models, and determination could beryllium much enhanced sensors packed into it for a caller scope of functionality.

The iPad mini hasn't been refreshed for immoderate time, truthful an update to the smaller exemplary that Apple offers would beryllium welcomed.

There's apt to beryllium a batch much packed into the event, an enlargement of services, much speech astir connectivity betwixt location devices, confirmation of the iOS 15 roll-out and a batch more.

We're expecting a 2nd Apple lawsuit aboriginal successful September to absorption connected Mac - truthful it's going to beryllium a engaged fewer weeks successful Cupertino.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 7 September 2021.

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