Apple Music Voice Plan: How does it work, who is it for, and is it worth it?

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(Pocket-lint) - During its Unleashed lawsuit successful October 2021, Apple introduced a cheaper program for Apple Music.

Called "Apple Music Voice Plan", the caller tier is fractional the terms of an idiosyncratic Apple Music subscription - but it inactive provides entree to the euphony service's full catalogue of 90 cardinal songs. There are immoderate caveats, of course. Here is what you request to cognize astir Apple Music Voice Plan and whether it's worthy trying.

What is Apple Music Voice Plan?

Simply put, with Apple Music Voice Plan, you tin entree each of Apple Music, but you tin lone bash truthful by dependable control. In different words, you person to play euphony done a Siri-enabled device, specified arsenic a HomePod Mini, AirPods, oregon an iPhone. With an Apple Music Voice Plan subscription, you tin inquire Siri to play thing successful the Apple Music room - including afloat albums, idiosyncratic songs, and Apple’s playlists. There is nary bounds connected opus prime oregon the fig of skips available.

What's the catch?

With an Apple Music Voice Plan, you can't usage the Apple Music app to manually power your listening acquisition similar you tin connected different subscription tier. That's due to the fact that the Apple Music app has a precise antithetic idiosyncratic interface conscionable for Voice Plan users. It is stripped backmost to lone amusement euphony suggestions and your caller listening history. There is besides a peculiar conception to assistance you larn however to interact with Apple Music via Siri dependable commands.

So, to play the latest opus by Taylor Swift, alternatively than diving into and utilizing the Apple Music app connected your phone, you indispensable inquire Siri ("Hey Siri, play [x] by Taylor Swift"). If you truly privation to usage the Apple Music app to afloat power your listening experience, you should get an idiosyncratic oregon household subscription instead.

How overmuch is Apple Music Voice Plan?

In this US, Apple Music Voice Plan costs $4.99 per month.

Apple Music usually costs $9.99 per period for individuals oregon $14.99 per period for families. A discounted program for students is disposable astatine $4.99 per month.

Is determination a escaped trial?

Yes, each lawsuit with their ain Apple ID tin effort a escaped 7-day proceedings of the Apple Music Voice Plan.

Which devices enactment Apple Music Voice Plan?

The Apple Music Voice Plan is compatible with immoderate Siri-enabled instrumentality that tin play Apple Music. It works with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, AirPods, and CarPlay. Third-party hardware integrations, specified arsenic Apple Music for Echo oregon Samsung Smart TVs, are not supported.

What tin you perceive to with Apple Music Voice Plan?

As we said above, the Apple Music Voice Plan gives afloat entree to the Apple Music catalogue.

You tin inquire Siri to play immoderate opus successful the room oregon immoderate of the disposable playlists oregon vigor stations. Apple is adjacent expanding its themed playlists, truthful you’ll beryllium capable to inquire Siri to "play the meal enactment playlist" to instantly commencement streaming tunes. There are tens of thousands of playlists - including hundreds of caller temper and enactment playlists, personalised mixes, and genre stations - that you tin perceive to with the Apple Music Voice Plan.

Apple said its playlists were created by "editorial experts", and they're optimised conscionable for voice. Try asking Siri to "play thing chill" oregon "play much similar this". You tin adjacent name-drop circumstantial playlists, specified arsenic New Music Daily, Rap Life, Today’s Hits, Today’s Country, A-List Pop, R&B Now, and more.

How to subscribe to Apple Music Voice Plan

You tin motion up for the Apple Music Voice Plan straight done the Apple Music app oregon by asking Siri ("Hey Siri, commencement my Apple Music Voice trial").

When tin you effort Apple Music Voice Plan?

Apple said the Apple Music Voice Plan volition beryllium disposable aboriginal successful 2021.

Where is Apple Music Voice Plan available?

It's launching successful US, UK, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and Taiwan.

Who is it for and is it worthy trying?

The Voice Plan conscionable gets you entree to the Apple Music catalogue for a little terms than the Individual oregon Family plans. It's for casual listeners who privation a speedy and casual mode to get Siri to play euphony - nary having to messiness with the Apple Music app oregon walk hours curating playlists. To beryllium clear, it's not a interest to get Siri to play music. If you person tracks from oregon connected iTunes, you tin inactive play those with the Apple Music app and power them with voice, conscionable similar you could before.

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So, is it worthy trying? Sure, wherefore not? If you're that unsure, conscionable cheque retired the escaped 7-day trial, and past there's thing to lose.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 20 October 2021.

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