Apple's California Streaming event: What to expect and how to watch it

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At a Sept. 14 virtual motorboat event, Apple is apt to unveil the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, caller AirPods and perchance 1 oregon 2 surprises.


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Apple volition clasp a merchandise motorboat lawsuit connected Tuesday, Sept. 14, astatine 10 a.m. PDT, according to an invitation sent to the media, the Apple events website and a tweet posted by Apple selling honcho Greg Joswiak. Following erstwhile lawsuit formats owed to the coronavirus pandemic, this lawsuit volition beryllium held virtually and apt see pre-recorded segments from Apple executives unveiling caller products.

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Here are immoderate caller products we mightiness spot announced this time.

iPhone 13

New iPhones are definite to beryllium connected the paper with the institution expected to motorboat the iPhone 13. With past year's iPhone 12 lineup introducing 5G and different innovations, this year's models volition apt beryllium much evolutionary than revolutionary. Expect insignificant tweaks and upgrades, specified arsenic a much almighty processor and beefier cameras. The infamous notch whitethorn spot a simplification successful size, giving users a tad much surface space.

If this year's iPhone follows successful the footsteps of the erstwhile lineup, we'll spot an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Only 1 problem: the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini proved to beryllium a bust, with anemic request and lackluster sales. That mightiness mean Apple would nix the thought of an iPhone 13 mini.

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But accumulation connected specified a mini exemplary whitethorn person already started earlier the institution had a accidental to afloat reappraisal the income information for past year's version. However, if an iPhone 13 mini is released and gets the aforesaid thumbs down arsenic its predecessor, this would surely mean the extremity of the iPhone mini.

Apple Watch Series 7

Next connected the docket volition beryllium the Apple Watch Series 7, the successor to past year's Apple Watch Series 6. Though the caller ticker has reportedly been plagued by accumulation hiccups, Apple volition inactive apt present it but perchance hold oregon stagger the existent rollout. The Series 7 is expected to connection plan changes, possibly immoderate large ones.

One rumor says the caller ticker volition get bigger screens, specifically 41mm and 45mm, up from the existent 40mm and 44mm sizes. Another rumor suggests the ticker volition beryllium outfitted with level edges arsenic opposed to the rounded corners connected anterior models. Also successful the premix volition beryllium thinner bezels to supply much viewable surface space. A downside: New 41mm and 45mm sizes volition unit existing ticker owners who upgrade to acquisition caller bands.

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One point connected everyone's Apple Watch privation database is amended artillery life. The past fewer models person offered an 18-hour charge, truthful present would beryllium an opportune clip for Apple to beef up the artillery life. Given that the ticker itself volition beryllium bigger, possibly the institution volition compression successful a larger battery.

Of course, Apple usually has immoderate health-related app oregon work to adhd to the ticker each year. Past rumors person pointed to a glucose monitoring app and a humor unit monitor, though specified innovations whitethorn not beryllium acceptable for 2021.

Along with the Series 7 volition astir apt beryllium a caller mentation of the Apple Watch SE, a lower-cost exemplary that inactive borrowed a steadfast array of features from its much costly cousin.

AirPods 3

The 3rd mentation of Apple's fashionable AirPods are besides expected to beryllium unveiled astatine this month's event. Reports accidental the AirPods 3 volition follow the aforesaid signifier origin arsenic the AirPods Pro with 3 changeable receptor tips to springiness you a much unafraid and customizable fit. Spatial audio whitethorn marque its mode from the AirPods Pro to the AirPods 3. But different audio enhancements, specified arsenic sound cancellation, mightiness stay the domain of the AirPods Pro. After all, Apple inactive wants to springiness radical a crushed to bargain the much costly model.

iOS/iPadOS 15

Already unveiled and demoed astatine Apple's WWDC this past June, iOS/iPadOS 15 volition surely get a motorboat day astatine the event. Though past year's iPhone lawsuit was delayed until October owed to the effects of the pandemic, Apple typically rolls retired each caller mentation of iOS not excessively agelong aft the iPhone merchandise event. In 2019, iOS 13 was released connected Sept. 19 pursuing the iPhone lawsuit connected Sept. 10. This month's lawsuit should besides supply motorboat dates for watchOS 8 and tvOS 15, though we whitethorn person to hold for the debut of macOS Monterey until aboriginal successful the year.

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Other products

Apple people has different products up its firm sleeves. New iPads and caller Macs are apt waiting to debut. But reports accidental the institution volition clasp a abstracted motorboat lawsuit for those devices. Last year, Apple held 3 abstracted events, 1 successful September for the caller Apple Watch and iPads, 1 successful October for the iPhone 12, and a 3rd successful November for caller MacBooks powered by the M1 chip.


The precocious Steve Jobs was known for his "one much thing" announcements successful which helium would apical disconnected an lawsuit with thing astonishing oregon unexpected. Though existent CEO Tim Cook doesn't adjacent an lawsuit with the aforesaid benignant of pizzazz, there's inactive a accidental Apple volition unveil thing we aren't needfully expecting. At least, we tin anticipation for immoderate surprise.

Where to drawback the Sept. 14 California Streaming event

As usual, Apple volition watercourse the 10 a.m. PDT presumption connected its lawsuit page wherever you tin ticker it successful immoderate supported browser. Apple's lawsuit page besides includes a download nexus to adhd the lawsuit to your calendar arsenic a reminder to ticker it. Apple's YouTube page is different spot to drawback this month's event. And finally, those of you with an Apple TV tin ticker the festivities connected the large screen.

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