Army ants use temporary bases to store food when raiding insect nests

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Life 13 September 2021

By Jake Buehler

Army ants (Eciton hamatum) forming a bivouac oregon  impermanent  nest formed by the bodies of the insects, Barro Colorado Island, Gatun Lake, Panama Canal,

Army ants (Eciton hamatum) forming a bivouac, oregon impermanent nest, connected Barro Colorado Island successful the Panama Canal

Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo

Army ants are a unit to beryllium reckoned with successful Central and South American rainforests, often raiding different societal insects’ nests for susceptible larvae and pupae. A machine simulation suggests the insects person travel up with a strategy to boost the velocity and ratio of their raids, by temporarily storing the nutrient from a raid successful a adjacent cache.

Hilário Póvoas de Lima astatine the University of São Paulo successful …

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