Atari Shuts Down Rapper Soulja Boy's Claims That He Owns The Company

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The rapper Soulja Boy has an "interesting" past with gaming, including making his ain bootleg consoles that ne'er saw nationalist release. Now, he's making a caller bold claim, this clip alleging that helium owns Atari. It didn't instrumentality agelong earlier the institution efficaciously unopen down his boasts with a abbreviated but to-the-point statement. Oh, Soulja Boy ... erstwhile volition you learn?

After his archetypal effort astatine breaking into the gaming manufacture arsenic a console shaper was ripped apart, the rapper continued to effort to find his introduction point. The archetypal effort astatine making his ain console began successful 2019 erstwhile helium tried to peddle a "new design." Immediately, helium was met with cease and desist notifications from large companies successful the business. Previously, the rapper took potshots at former Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime when helium said helium "made him retire." After galore jokes and utter silence, it looks similar Soulja Boy is acceptable to crank the gaming marketplace erstwhile more, though erstwhile more, it doesn't truly marque a full batch of sense. 

 In a caller video (seen astatine the apical of the article), Soulja Boy tin beryllium heard claiming that Atari was wowed by the "success" of his bootleg systems, and upon seeing his enactment flourishing, they offered him the institution for $140 million. So he's putting numbers connected this claim, which is interesting, portion besides stating that helium has signed not 1 but 2 deals with Atari. After his claims of being the "first rapper to ain a video crippled company," Atari rapidly changeable retired the pursuing tiny message: "We cognize that CEO of Atari is simply a imagination job, but that grant belongs to Wade Rosen."

So there's that.

It is wide that Soulja Boy volition ne'er permission the monetary opportunities that the gaming manufacture has to connection fixed his past societal media encounters, his streaming presence, and his launched esports organization, but claiming to beryllium the proprietor of Atari? That's a bold choice. He adjacent asked Tony Hawk if the pro skater would like to assistance marque a caller video game. Given his responses to critique and different companies showing nonstop comparisons to already disposable products, this motorboat seems apt to look issues akin to his attempt. 

To beryllium fair: Go aft your goals, don't fto your dreams beryllium dreams, yadda yadda yadda. If that's what you privation to do, don't fto those ambitions get crushed down into dust. That being said, let's marque definite that the "made from scratch" console isn't made from different consoles already retired connected the marketplace oregon that you're not claiming to beryllium the CEO of a highly recognized and established company, hm? 

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