Auston Matthews Of The Toronto Maple Leafs Is NHL 22's Cover Star

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After making his screen debut connected NHL 20, Auston Matthews is erstwhile getting the honor for NHL 22. Today, EA Vancouver revealed that the Toronto Maple Leafs guardant is this year's screen athlete, and it's not unwarranted, acknowledgment to the large twelvemonth Matthews conscionable had.

We usually don’t spot a repetition screen this quickly, but Matthews is coming disconnected an unthinkable season, scoring 66 points successful 52 games and winning the Rocket Richard Trophy for being the apical extremity scorer successful the league. The Leafs’ disappointing playoff tally aside, Matthews is ever amusive to watch, arsenic he’s 1 of the astir originative and dynamic players successful the game.

"Since gracing the screen successful NHL 20, Matthews has firmly established himself arsenic 1 of the apical extremity scorers and personalities successful the league," says NHL 22 shaper Clement Kwong. "As an NHL superstar, he's a caller procreation of player, pairing size with speed, spot with skill, and stache with style."

For NHL 22, EA Vancouver is propping up its top-tier talent, utilizing inspiration from the Madden bid by adding X-Factors to the game. You tin find a afloat breakdown of this diagnostic and however it volition interaction the crippled in our preview here. Given this focus, Matthews seems similar a fitting screen jock to usher successful the caller feature, which EA Vancouver says volition yet alteration the metagame. 

NHL 22 hits the crystal connected October 15 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. This is the archetypal year, EA Vancouver is creating the crippled for new-gen consoles and yet making the determination to EA's Frostbite motor for some console generations.

At launch, determination volition beryllium 2 editions: Standard and X-Factor. The peculiar X-Factor variation grants you dual entitlement allowing you to upgrade to the PS5 oregon Xbox Series X/S mentation for escaped and three-day aboriginal entree earlier lauch. You besides get a bevy of HUT packs, hockey bags, and even X-Factor portion quality unlocks for CHEL. Pre-orders are present disposable for some versions. 

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