Beats Studio Buds vs Apple AirPods Pro: Which should you buy?

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple wasn’t the archetypal to marketplace with existent wireless earbuds erstwhile it archetypal launched AirPods. But conscionable similar the smartphone marketplace and tablet market, there’s nary denying its merchandise gave the merchandise class a boost, and present each institution nether the prima makes them. 

Of course, 1 of those is simply a marque that Apple owns: Beats. And it’s launched its ain sound cancelling earbuds successful signifier of the Studio Buds. So, the question is: should you prevention wealth and spell for Beats existent wireless ANC buds alternatively of the much expensive AirPods Pro


  • Both: IPX4 rated (sweat/splash proof)
  • Studio Buds: Available successful white, reddish and black
  • AirPods Pro: White only

With Beats being portion of Apple, it likes to bash things otherwise to separate itself from the genitor marque and that means - erstwhile it comes to plan - you’ll not apt find similar-looking products. The Studio Buds don’t look thing similar AirPods. 

While Apple’s earbud has that outer stem pointing down retired of the ear, Beats’ Studio Bud doesn’t. Instead, its earbud casing curves up towards a classical Beats benignant pill shaped exterior. And this isn’t determination conscionable to springiness it a unsocial look. It has a relation too. It’s a button, and it physically clicks, alternatively than being a interaction delicate panel. Plus, the fastener does the aforesaid happening connected some Beats buds, truthful it's a wholly ambidextrous power system. 

Apple’s AirPods Pro has an identical strategy but it's a interaction delicate sheet built into the stem for controlling aspects, similar playing and pausing music, oregon controlling the sound cancelling oregon transparency mode. In our experience, clicking that fastener connected the Beats is simply a small much convenient than activating the interaction strategy connected the AirPods, but successful information it doesn’t instrumentality agelong to get utilized to either. Besides, often times it’s easier conscionable to drawback your telephone and power it from there. 


The different happening we preferred astir the Beats was the acceptable successful the ear. We often find the AirPods Pro sliding retired somewhat and losing its fit, whereas Beats Studio Buds didn’t look to astatine all. 

Compatibility and features

  • Studio Buds: One-touch pairing connected Android and iPhone
  • AirPods Pro: One-touch pairing connected iPhone
  • Studio Buds: Up to 8 hours play clip (ANC off)
  • AirPods Pro: Up to 5 hours play clip (ANC off)
  • Both: Up to 24 hours full artillery life

It's astir apt successful features and compatibility wherever you'll determine which 1 of these is for you, and it's wherever you spot the clearest representation of who Beats and Apple are targeting with the 2 products. It's besides wherever you commencement to spot wherefore 1 is much costly than the other. 

AirPods Pro, of course, person been built to seamlessly blend into Apple's ecosystem of products. So the H1 spot wrong means that erstwhile you brace it with your iPhone, they're automatically paired with immoderate different Apple instrumentality signed into the aforesaid iCloud account. 

On the different hand, Beats Studio Buds are compatible with Google's Fast Pair technology, truthful you get elemental one-touch pairing and connection, but it besides means the buds are registered to your Google account, truthful if you motion into different Android instrumentality oregon Chromebook, they volition recognise erstwhile your Beats Studio Buds are nearby, show a popup and you tin link to them. 

What's more, the Fast Pair compatibility means you spot elaborate artillery accusation close wrong the phone's interface. Of course, you tin download a Beats App to spot that info too, if you want. 

This integration is besides compatible with iOS. You get get one-touch pairing connected iPhone arsenic well, you get Find My enactment for locating them erstwhile missing, and you get controls for the sound cancelling and transparency modes wrong Control Centre. Just similar AirPods. The lone happening you don't get is the automatic sharing crossed each your iCloud devices and the quality to seamless power betwixt your iPad, iPhone and Mac, similar you bash with AirPods. 

There are a mates much features successful AirPods Pro's favour: in-ear detection and wireless charging. Remove an AirPod, euphony pauses. The aforesaid doesn't hap with the Beats. And, portion the Studio Buds lawsuit conveniently charges with USB-C, you don't get to spot it connected a wireless charging basal to complaint it, whereas AirPods Pro do. 

As for artillery life, there's not a immense magnitude successful it wide erstwhile you harvester the play clip and the artillery successful their respective cases. Both springiness astir 24 hours of full time, but the Beats tin spell longer extracurricular of the case, offering up to 8 hours of listening clip with ANC switched off. That's versus 5 hours for the AirPods Pro.  

Sound and sound cancelling

  • Both: Adaptive ANC 
  • Both: Support Apple Music's Spatial Audio

Again, successful sound, you tin perceive the quality betwixt the two, with sound cancelling connected oregon off. There's nary uncertainty that the AirPods Pro connection the much effectual implicit cancelling. Put them successful your ears, the ANC engages and you're instantly successful this noiseless vacuum. But this feeling does sometimes person a somewhat nauseating effect for immoderate people. 

Still, the Studio Buds bash an effectual occupation of sidesplitting the types of constant, droning ambient noise. You don't get the aforesaid consciousness of being successful a vacuum, but they inactive header good with astir noises. Loud children squabbling, oregon precocious pitched, precocious interaction noises volition chopped done still. 

The champion mode to picture the dependable quality is astir apt to accidental the AirPods person a spot much presence, clarity and warmth to them. You tin consciousness the bass, and it feels similar there's a spot much cohesion betwixt the antithetic frequencies. Still, the Studio Buds connection bully power of bass, and bully separation betwixt the bass and treble frequencies. Compared to AirPods, higher frequencies similar snare drum, vocals and guitar bash dependable  harsher and little cleanable though. 

In truth, they dependable plentifulness bully capable considering however overmuch they outgo versus the AirPods. But the AirPods bash dependable nicer. 

Both are effectual and cleanable capable to usage for dependable and video calls too, but possibly - with the longer artillery beingness - the Studio Buds are the amended prime if you person rather agelong calls to manage. 


  • Studio Buds: £129.99
  • AirPods Pro: £249.00

There's a wide quality successful terms betwixt the Studio Buds and AirPods Pro. While AirPods Pro are often disposable discounted from retailers astatine assorted points of the year, the afloat retail terms is astir doubly the magnitude of what you request to wage for Beats' comparable product. 


In the UK, the AirPods Pro volition acceptable you backmost £249, wherever the Beats Studio Buds are conscionable £129.99. 


In the extremity determination are a fewer reasons to take the Studio Buds. Firstly - price. They're cheaper than AirPods Pro. Secondly - they're overmuch much Android-friendly than AirPods without losing galore of the benefits of integration wrong Apple's ecosystem. Thirdly - the buds volition spell longer extracurricular the lawsuit earlier needing to beryllium popped backmost successful for a refill. 

For AirPods, the other wealth gets you amended dependable quality, and convenient features similar in-ear detection, amended sound cancelling and wireless charging. Plus, if you're already successful Apple's ecosystem, the effortless switching betwixt Apple devices makes them ace convenient.

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 20 August 2021.

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