Benedict Cumberbatch weighs in on straight actors in gay roles ahead of 'Power of the Dog' release

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Cumberbatch, who is joined to a woman, said astatine the Telluride Film Festival that his casting "wasn't done without thought," arsenic reported by IndieWire.

"One of the appeals of the occupation was the thought that successful this world, with this circumstantial character, determination was a batch that was private, hidden from view," helium said astatine the festival, wherever the movie screened.

    Cumberbatch plays Phil successful the film, based connected the 1967 caller of the aforesaid name. In the novel, Phil's sexuality is hinted astatine but ne'er overtly confirmed by writer Thomas Savage; his character's prickly, conniving quality is informed by a beingness of repression.

      Cumberbatch added that acclaimed New Zealand movie manager Jane Campion "chose america arsenic actors" to play their roles.

      What TV and movie  get   close    astir  representation

      "I besides consciousness somewhat like, is this a happening wherever our creation paper has to beryllium public?" Cumberbatch said. "Do we person to explicate each our backstage moments successful our intersexual history? I don't deliberation so."

      Hollywood has for decades formed actors successful heterosexual relationships successful cheery roles. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal played lovers successful "Brokeback Mountain." Cate Blanchett fell successful emotion with a shopgirl successful "Carol." Cumberbatch antecedently played Alan Turing, a World War II codebreaker who was convicted connected "indecency" charges for his narration with a antheral and underwent chemic castration, successful "The Imitation Game." All 4 actors were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances.

      Some of the creators progressive successful those films, similar manager Todd Haynes of "Carol" and Luca Guadagnino, who directed "Call Me By Your Name," which besides starred consecutive actors, are cheery themselves. The movie "Moonlight," which followed a cheery Black antheral successful 3 stages of his life, was celebrated for sidestepping queer stereotypes, though it starred immoderate consecutive actors.

      Whereas casting cisgender actors successful transgender roles has precocious fallen retired of fashionable signifier -- LGBTQ media advocacy enactment GLAAD says casting this mode "perpetuates this content that trans radical aren't real" -- determination is not a akin statement erstwhile it comes to actors playing cheery characters. (The enactment didn't instantly respond to CNN's petition for remark regarding consecutive actors portraying cheery characters.)

      Vanity Fair professional Richard Lawson wrote successful a reappraisal of the 2020 movie "The Prom" that there's nary "hard and accelerated regularisation astir who should play cheery men connected screen." Nuance, though, is indispensable for immoderate histrion playing a cheery character, helium said.

      In "The Power of the Dog," Benedict Cumberbatch (left) plays a cowboy whose repressed sexuality informs his prickly personality.

      That's portion of wherefore James Corden's casting successful "The Prom" arsenic a flamboyant faded Broadway prima was wide criticized: Corden, who is joined to a woman, played into stereotypes of cheery men, according to galore critics, who said his show was "insulting" and called him "offensively miscast."

      "In general, yes, I privation much cheery actors got the accidental to archer our stories, embody our people, alternatively than consecutive men getting accolades for being brave -- oregon cheers for being sassy," Lawson wrote successful his reappraisal of the film. "... But Corden, flitting and lisping astir successful the astir uninspired of caricatures, misses each imaginable for nuance, and frankincense ne'er finds adjacent a hint of information successful the role."

      Corden was nominated for a Golden Globe for the performance.

        But the thought that playing a cheery relation is simply a "brave" determination for a consecutive histrion is becoming little dominant, professional Guy Lodge said successful an interview with the Guardian, evidenced by the deficiency of buzz for films specified arsenic "Ammonite" and "Supernova," which some focused connected queer emotion stories portrayed by consecutive actors.

        "I deliberation the thought of being 'brave' for playing cheery is going away," Lodge said. "I deliberation that successful itself is seen arsenic reasonably unremarkable now."

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