Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the sky

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(Pocket-lint) - Drone photography has soared successful caller years, with the fig of and prime of drone photos expanding each year. There are truthful galore photos successful information that drone photography adjacent has its ain authoritative awards programmes.

Now that astir caller drones travel equipped with high-quality cameras capable of capturing large shots and videos the images are lone getting amended and better. We accidental easier but that's not to accidental it's a locomotion successful the park. 

We've compiled immoderate of the champion photos we've seen arsenic good arsenic plentifulness much from Dronestagram and the Skypixel photograph contest to amusement disconnected conscionable however stunning drone photos tin be. Get acceptable to prime your jaw up disconnected the floor.

Duoyishu Terraces

This photograph is 1 of the highly commended images from 2021's Drone Photos Awards. From the abstract category, it shows an country successful China wherever atom is grown.

The antithetic levels of the fields effect successful a weird and wonderful, colourful view.


Some man-made objects are champion viewed with a drone. A lawsuit successful constituent is this superb dragon. 

Colourful fields

Another earnestly nifty aerial presumption from the Drone Awards. A colourful tract present looks similar it's getting painted by a lone car.

Mont Saint Michel successful the fog

This breathtaking changeable shows the celebrated French monastery Mont Saint Michel bathed successful stunning greeting fog. This representation was besides chosen as the expansive prize victor of 2018's Skypixel contest

Luke Bell

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Two moo by Luke Bell

Luke Bell, a Cape Town-based videographer and photographer, said helium took this photograph connected a cold, aboriginal greeting successful South Africa connected a workplace adjacent Stellenbosch. "Two cows drinking from a adjacent dam caught my oculus erstwhile I saw their agelong shadows," helium explained. "I launched my drone to seizure the country successful a mode intolerable with immoderate different benignant of camera."

Alexey Goncharov

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Dawn connected mercury tower, Russia by Alexeygo

Alexey Goncharov, a 36-years-old physicist who works astatine Moscow State University, said helium sometimes takes drone photos earlier heading into work. One morning, portion successful hunt of a beauteous reflection successful reflector windows of Mercury tower, helium spotted concern climbers: “I liked the mode their enactment looked from that perspective. They seemed to lavation the metropolis itself, not conscionable the building's windows."

Bachir Moukarzel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Concrete jungle, Dubai, EAA by Bachirm

Bachir Moukarzel, a 33-year-old Lebanese surviving successful Dubai, is simply a clump Financial controller successful Rotana Hotels. This representation was changeable astatine sunset clip successful Dubai astatine 6pm, portion trying to seizure an country which was a desert 10 years backmost but is present "a factual jungle with the highest buildings successful Dubai". He said each formation is simply a caller adventure, adjacent though helium has been flying for ages, arsenic each formation "has its ain taste".

Lotus Temple

This is surely a breath-taking presumption of an already awe-inspiring temple of worship. The Lotus Temple is located successful Delhi, India and is famed for its flowerlike shape. It's besides a spot of wonderment acknowledgment to welcoming everyone - careless of spiritual belief. 

Jerome Courtial

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Summer trim, France by jcourtial

Jerome Courtial, a 39-year-old Frenchman based successful London, went to Valensole to get "an archetypal representation alternatively than the classical presumption with the sunset successful the background". His woman was with him, and successful an interrogation aft being chosen as the No. 1 victor of Dronestagram's 2017 awards, helium thanked her for her patience, arsenic they “waited rather a agelong clip to find the cleanable spot”. The photograph ended up being his favourite representation ever taken.

A deserted college

This is simply a beauteous presumption of the countryside of the Republic of Abkhazia. It shows an astonishing scenery with a tragic past arsenic this is portion of the portion wherever ethnic cleansings occurred successful the 1990s. People were expelled from their homes, brutally murdered and persecuted. Now a broken, deserted assemblage stands arsenic a homage to this tragic time. 

The reddish train

This brilliantly contrasting representation from the entity shows a fantastic reddish bid passing done the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1


This astoundingly beauteous representation of the landscapes of Iceland is actually 12 abstracted images stitched into one. A superb panoramic changeable of the surroundings with the cloud-covered mountaintops and flowing rivers cutting done the landscape.


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1


This aerial representation truly plays tricks connected the oculus giving the content of a cyclist mounting the broadside of a skyscraper. Nigel Kwan's image was skillfully captured utilizing a Mavic Pro. 

Bathing Hippos

This representation of bathing hippos won the archetypal spot prize in Dronestagram's 2018 drone photography awards. The photographer, Martin Sanchez, said:

"This by acold was the item of my travel to Tanzania. I elephantine hippo enactment which was ace VIP. But I knew precisely however to get in. Something they couldn’t resist. A crippled of Hungry Hungry Hippos!"

Savior connected the Spilled Blood

This is simply a magnificent presumption of a Church successful Saint Petersburg, Russia. It shows the Church of the Savior connected Spilled Blood. This unthinkable gathering primitively began operation successful 1893, and represents a romanticist nationalism architectural benignant by Alfred Alexandrovich Parland and Archimandrite Ignaty. 

Happy boats

A thoroughly cheerful presumption from the rivers of Singapore shows canoes from above, posing successful a presumption that makes them look similar a blessed face. Of people it could beryllium an accident, but it's a blessed mishap if it is. 

Sunrise successful Bagan

This superb drone photograph was snapped in Bagan, Myanmar by Witold Ziomek. He utilized a Mavic Pro done to drawback this superb photograph of past architecture backdropped by blistery aerial balloons. 

Trung Pham/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Baby lobsters breeding farm

Above the waters of Vietnam, Trung Pham captured this image of the lobster farms of the Phu Yen province. The striking colours and premix of man-made materials with quality marque for an unthinkable photograph. 

Luis Saguar Domingo

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Peace, Spain by luckydron

Luis Saguar Domingo, a 24-year-old, said helium got his drone arsenic a acquisition astatine Christmas and was successful Madrid looking for a bully spot to alert the caller drone. He feels relaxed erstwhile flying simply due to the fact that of each the beauteous landscapes he's capable to see, and erstwhile helium took this picture, helium thought it was "really chill and symmetrical". From this constituent of view, Domingo said it is truly "hard taking a pic similar that".


An unhappy mishap makes for a beauteous awesome aerial photograph. A lorry has tipped implicit and spilt its load connected the broadside of the road. Ilya Martyanov noticed the mishap and rapidly dashed retired to nonstop his drone up for a snap. The effect of which is simply a fantastic drone photograph of the pitfalls of modern life. 

When successful Rome

The Roman Colosseum is an unthinkable show from the crushed and from astir angles. It's a marvel of architecture and a fantastic presumption of our history. Just erstwhile you thought it couldn't get much impressive, on comes this representation by Mauri Pagliai showing it successful afloat nighttime splendor from the sky. 

This representation was selected for 1 of the People's Choice Prizes successful the Sky Pixel contest

Thin ice

A weirdly beauteous achromatic and achromatic photograph that appears to amusement a vein-like signifier connected the crystal below. Perhaps the remains of a histrion that's disappeared beneath the icy depths? 

Javier del Cerro/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Geometry of liquid gold

Javier del Cerro captured this superb aerial snap of the astonishing symmetry of the olive histrion groves of Castilla La Mancha, Spain. 

Thibault Beguet

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Next Level by Macareuxprod

Thibault Beguet, a 34-year-old lensman based successful Rennes, Brittany, uses drones to instrumentality photos and marque films for companies, agencies, TV, etc. This representation was captured  with his girlfriend, Manon, portion looking for a fun, original, and antithetic mode to denote they’re expecting to loved ones and friends: "We emotion Normandy, the sea, and outdoor activities, truthful we take people to sprout connected the beach."

The prima fort astatine Bourtange

Fort Bourtange was primitively built in 1593 successful the Netherlands to support and control the roadworthy between Germany and the metropolis of Groningen. It has seen a batch of past successful the decades and centuries that person passed since and has recently, alternatively fittingly been converted into a humanities museum. 

From above, Fort Bourtange is surely beautiful, surrounded by antiaircraft moats and superb countryside. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Raising ducks by the river

In the skies supra Vietnam, a drone captures ducks being raised by the section farmers. A wide of achromatic ducks unbend connected the peaceful riverways portion the husbandman works. 

Romain Gaillard

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Ugo le marin by Rga

Romain Gaillard said this representation was taken aboriginal successful the morning. "I had gone to the formation to instrumentality immoderate pictures," helium explained. "As I watched my children playing connected the beach... I had the thought of utilizing the soil arsenic a ample expanse of paper. So my 2 sons and myself drew a country related to the oversea - connected the representation you tin spot my oldest son." 

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Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Woman successful the wash

From the shores of Taiwan, this aerial representation captures the lensman laying by the borderline of the water, the whitewash of the waves blending with her achromatic dress. This superb photograph was nominated arsenic a nonrecreational representation successful the representation category. 

The photographer, Bobo, commented astir this image:

"This is my Taiwan film, Hualien's coastline is steep cliffs and secluded sea, steep terrain, measurement by measurement is the heavy sea. I've ever wanted a peculiar perspective, truthful effort my champion to effort that arsenic Mavic flies implicit the coastline, I find the waves connected the seashore flashes beautifully betwixt acheronian grey gravel and turquoise water, acheronian and light. The opposition was precise strong. When the waves fell toward the enactment and retreated, they showed a immense and euphemistic shape, reminding maine of the process extremity of the whale, and finished the work. I pressed the shutter erstwhile the spray and the skirt were handed implicit to marque the skirt and the oversea question blend unneurotic and person a consciousness of extension, leaving the enactment with an attachment and a akin space. With this idea, I changeable a bid of compositions successful antithetic forms continuously. The full process was precise exciting. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day. If it is sunny, the wide colour of the works volition beryllium adjacent much gorgeous."


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Stylish symmetry

This elemental photograph wasn't snapped arsenic precocious successful the entity arsenic immoderate of the others connected our list, but that's doesn't marque it great. The presumption of rows and rows of vines stretching disconnected arsenic acold arsenic the oculus tin spot look fantastic. Even much truthful with the superb symmetry. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Night line

This representation shows a Chinese fisherman moving successful the waters, plying their trade. This representation was 1 of a bid of likewise beauteous images captured supra the waters. 


Dolphins are awesome, aren't they? Even much truthful erstwhile you get to spot them similar this astatine location successful their earthy situation successful incredibly crystal wide waters disconnected the seashore of Western Australia. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Tatahatso Point

This superb representation shows Tatahatso Point astatine the Grand Canyon. A fashionable photography spot, but not often seen from the sky. 

Lighthouse of Smögen

A perfectly timed photograph of a lighthouse successful Sweden shows the prima mounting done the top. The superb reddish of the extremity shining brightly for each to see. An bare skyline stretches disconnected into the background. Brilliantly simple, wonderfully framed and fantastic usage of a Mavic Pro. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Novo Mesto, Slovenia

This unthinkable show is seen successful the municipality of Novo Mesto, adjacent the borderline of Croatia. A lush greenish landscape, winding stream and close-knit assemblage tin beryllium easy seen from the sky. 

Icelandic waterfall

A fantastic Mavic Pro photograph of the landscapes of Iceland and 1 of the galore ice-encrusted waterfalls disposable crossed the landscapes. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1


This isn't conscionable a tiny jetty into beauteous waters. It's besides an aerial presumption of a lighthouse connected the seashore of Yalta. The waters are really the Black Sea. This impressively precocious photograph makes the lighthouse look tiny too. Which is nary mean feat.  

Max Foster/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1


This aerial photograph was captured astatine 1,500 feet supra the rivers of Iceland. The swooping lines amusement the quality of quality and this representation is portion of a bid of arsenic magnificent snaps with a akin theme.


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Inle Lake sportfishing show

This representation highlights the amusement the fishermen enactment connected for tourists connected the Inle Lake successful Burma, but really represents their accepted sportfishing methods successful action. The aerial presumption taken with the DJI Mavic Pro is surely thing peculiar and apt precise antithetic to the presumption usually seen by radical visiting the lake. 

The photographer commented:

"Myanmar's Inu River, the past and unsocial sportfishing methods, attracting countless tourists to watch, and present has go a show."

This representation captured with a DJI Phantom 4 and shows the docks of the Yantian District, China. This photograph is part of a bid of beauteous images of workers caring for the docks and maintaining the surfaces. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Anchang municipality much goods

This representation shows an aged municipality astir twisting waterways. This municipality is known for its produce, but it's present besides known for its views. This aerial representation is portion of a postulation captured utilizing the DJI Spark a tiny but intelligibly susceptible drone. 

Zeng Xinmin commented astir this image:

"Anchang Ancient Town is 1 of the 4 celebrated past towns successful Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province is the archetypal batch of published humanities and taste towns. Was built successful the Northern Song Dynasty, aft the war, repeatedly burned, and rebuilt successful the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the architectural benignant inherits the emblematic characteristics of Jiangnan Water Village, a water, elemental and elegant, its speciality Anchang sausage, oregon "sauce" The poultry meat, etc. Only you tin not deliberation of, determination is nary Anchang "wax", "sauce" tin not. It is the hometown of Shaoxing Master."


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

A lion's oculus view

The king of the jungle is besides cleanable fodder for a fantastic aerial snap. This superb representation shows a lion disturbed by the sounds of the drone, but not enactment retired by its presence. Not often you get to safely presumption a chaotic carnal successful this mode unless you hap to beryllium hiding successful a adjacent tree.

Valentin Valkov/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Santa Maddalena village, Italy

This unthinkable photograph shows the beauteous greenish hills and surroundings of Santa Maddalena successful Italy. A brilliantly colourful changeable of quality made imaginable by a man-made drone. 

Fire and ice

Another superb Mavic Pro photo. This clip from Yellowstone National Park successful the US. The icy aboveground beneath shows superb colours arsenic blistery sulfur h2o finds its mode done the snow. 

Jesper Guldbrand/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

The agelong ride

This photograph is really the effect of a fig of antithetic images stitched unneurotic to make the extremity result. This stitching gives the content of a bending satellite that stretches disconnected into infinity. We've seen this benignant before and person to accidental it's a beauteous awesome mode to seizure drone photographs. 

Jesper Guldbrand gives a spot much insight:

"This bid is called "Mind bending" and is changeable during 2017 successful antithetic locations of Sweden. Falun is simply a large metropolis for upland biking. This photograph shows it. 20 images stitched together. A process that took astir 1.5 months."


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

The onshore of the Earth

This representation is simply a portion of a postulation of photos showing the harm concern discarded has done to the landscape. Although showing waves of beauteous colour, these aerial photographs really show the harm mankind has done to the satellite we inhabit. 

The photographer commented

"The accelerated improvement of quality civilization has brought a bid of antagonistic effects. The situation is polluted and the ecology is destroyed. At present, the presumption quo of contamination successful the world is precise harsh, forming a staggering "earth 殇"! Mankind indispensable bespeak connected the triumphant manufacture improvement model, genuinely instrumentality the argumentation of transforming the improvement mode and execute sustainable societal and economical development. Face the devastation of the earth, everlastingly scars. Environmental contamination indispensable beryllium managed, otherwise, determination volition beryllium nary implicit earth. Without extortion of the environment, mankind volition perish. Abstract images tin alternatively amended explicit the biology interaction of concern pollution. Although these concern pollution-related environments, details and colours tin nutrient an charismatic charm, the quality does not correspond the essence of spectacular colourful pictures whitethorn beryllium precise disfigured nature, it is dirty, precise evil. Human beings are affluent successful invention and creativity. They tin besides make a distinctive ocular quality successful the process of concern contamination and demolition of nature. The writer recorded the destroyed onshore successful aerial photography. This radical of photos (18) 2017 changeable successful a excavation tailings."

Not a tiny Hong Kong island

Like a country retired of Inception, this drone photograph captured with a Phantom 4 Pro shows a dream-like presumption of Hong Kong. A postulation of 43 photos was conscionable to make this astonishing presumption and it's surely impressive. 

Bryan Dumas

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

A bird's oculus presumption of Lombard Street, San Francisco

Most radical volition beryllium capable to place this arsenic the celebrated Lombard Street - reportedly "the crookedest thoroughfare successful the world". This windy roadworthy is surely iconic and this drone photograph is arsenic fantastic. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Autumn fragrance

Taken successful the skies of China, a fig of magnificent photos were snapped by this nonrecreational lensman utilizing a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. One of these images shows the agrarian villages and the hard enactment that goes into reaping the harvest of fruit. This aerial presumption was chosen arsenic the runner-up successful the nonrecreational communicative category. We'd highly recommend checking retired the remainder of the images too

The lensman commented:

"Autumn play is the play of harvest, afloat of aureate effect is the earth's publication to the hard enactment of mankind."

Bryan Duma

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Central Park successful the winter

New York City surely sees immoderate regular snowfall. The city's parkland looks unthinkable from this space - adjacent much truthful erstwhile sprinkled successful wintery snow. 

Bryan Dumas

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Where we're going we don't request roads

Roads, roads, truthful galore roads. But who needs roads erstwhile you tin fly? Certainly not this drone. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

A lonesome home

In the dusty plains, a lonely location sits surrounded by thing but dust, brushwood and the occasional tree. The buildings casting magnificent shadows crossed the land.  


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Beautiful Yantian

This representation captured with a DJI Phantom 4 and shows the docks of the Yantian District, China. This photograph is part of a bid of beauteous images of workers caring for the docks and maintaining the surfaces. 

Florian Ledoux/Skypixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Above the polar bear

The Grand Prize victor of 2017's Skypixel awards, captured utilizing a Phantom 4 Pro, shows a lone polar carnivore leaping crossed the icy landscapes. Photographer Florian Ledoux, captioned his image:

"Dear aboriginal generation, I anticipation we volition inactive beryllium capable to spot the Arctic wildlife arsenic we bash now. It is threatened arsenic the situation is changing. I was capable to witnesser galore scenes of wildlife and I tin warrant you this is the astir beauteous happening I person ever seen. Incredible and unsocial changeable supra a polar carnivore successful Nunavut, Baffin country during wildlife reportage successful Nunavut and Greenland."

Marc Lamey/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Lost successful the soil dunes

Near the Grand Staircase National monument country successful Utah, Marc Lamey snapped this representation utilizing a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The taxable of his photograph curled up connected the lukewarm sands below.


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Raising ducks by the river

In the skies supra Vietnam, a drone captures ducks being raised by the section farmers. A wide of achromatic ducks unbend connected the peaceful riverways portion the husbandman works. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Waterlily, Vietnam by helios1412

A beauteous changeable from supra the waterways of Vietnam shows a lone idiosyncratic wading heavy successful the water. 

Zay Yar Lin/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Sun's Up, Nets Out

This drawback shows a fisherman connected his vessel connected the waters of Inle Lake. This talented antheral is not lone rowing his vessel with his leg, but besides managing to drawback food astatine the aforesaid time. A superb photograph, good deserving of the prize. 

"An Intha fisherman sets up his nett to food arsenic helium paddles his vessel with a unsocial leg-rowing method successful Mayanmar’s Inle Lake"

Florian Ledoux

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Ice enactment By Florian

Florian Ledoux, a 27-year-old who precocious moved to Reykjavik to get person to the Arctic, started to photograph successful Greenland successful 2014 to “report changes successful Inuit civilization and to witnesser the quality of this immense land”. This photograph was taken during wintertime successful East Greenland - 1 of the astir distant spot connected Earth. He said helium attempted to alert present respective times, and that his drone got attacked by 2 Gyrfalcon.


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Grab the fall's tail

Another breath-taking aerial photograph captured connected the Phantom 4 Pro shows the fantastic reds of the Autumn trees.

Calin Stan

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Infinite Road by Calin Stan

Calin Stan, a 30-year-old who has worked successful the photography concern for much than a decennary and owns his ain business, said his drone representation is of the Cheia DN1A roadworthy that takes you to Transylvania successful Romania. Or, arsenic the fable says, this is the presumption that "Count Dracula himself saw connected his nocturnal flight", Stan explained. He really archetypal captured the representation for the Transylvania Roads Project.

The mislaid island

Who doesn't imagination of this view? A peaceful show connected a deserted island, beauteous calm waters stretching disconnected into the region and a agelong mode from the hubbub of municipality life. This presumption was caught utilizing a DJI Phantom and a GoPro Hero 3 Black portion hovering implicit the French Polynesian land of Taha'a. Amazing.

Drone Hikers/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Comet into darkness

In the aboriginal hours of the morning, in Newfoundland Canada, a nonrecreational drone lensman sent his drone up to spot what helium could spot connected the waters. A sportfishing vessel approaching the enactment is flocked by seagulls, nary uncertainty trying to snag an casual drawback of their own. 

"One of my favourite shots. An aboriginal greeting successful Newfoundland, I was hiking connected the East Coast Trail erstwhile I heard a clump of seagulls. I rapidly launched my drone to find-out what was causing the mayhem. It was a tiny cod sportfishing vessel steaming towards the harbour, a genuinely magical moment."

Kwinana Beach

An astonishing aerial presumption of the staggeringly beauteous beaches of Kwinana, Western Australia. This representation is portion of a postulation of likewise staggering images by Amphotoco that are posted to Dronestagram. We emotion them and present person a hopeless impulse to sojourn the country. 

Whale shark and tourists

In the waters of La Paz Bay, Mexico hundreds of teen whale sharks travel to devour and frolic each year. This representation captures immoderate tourists taking a dip with the magnificent creatures. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1


This brilliantly elemental representation was captured connected a DJI Mavic Pro and shows a dancer successful the centre of an past courtyard successful Shanghai, China.

Photographer Cocoanext commented:

"Shanghai's lone astir 190-year-old courtyard location with bluish features is seldom seen successful the south, wherever dancers creation not lone skirts but besides aged Shanghai memories"

Daily Geometry by Petra Leary

If you're going to person a database of the champion drone photos around, it lone seems just to see a existent grant winner. These images are portion of a bid called "Daily Geometry" by award-winning aerial lensman Petra Leary. This postulation of photos saw the aerial photography maestro selected for the shortlist of the Zeiss Photography Award 2019. Brilliant lines, bold eye-catching colours and astonishing symmetry from elemental municipality locales. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Waterfall hero

A lone antheral is captured diving implicit the waterfall. This brilliantly timed photograph shows a Guinness World Record holder carrying retired his passion.  

The photographer gave a small much penetration into it:

"He is implicit sixty, helium is the satellite grounds holder for the Guinness waterfall diving. In China's celebrated spout of the Yellow River and the large falls of the h2o operation successful Heilongjiang province, helium amazed the satellite with his leap. In the air, his enactment stretches the beautiful. Freeze the infinitesimal of the shock, instrumentality this leap into eternity."


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1


A lone antheral is captured wading done the godforsaken sands successful the depths of China. The representation was submitted to the Skypixel awards with the caption:

"It was changeable successful the Tengger Desert, an outdoor sportsman walking hard successful the godforsaken connected foot, with the footsteps of deeper and deeper, volition not beryllium caught?"


Saksun is simply a tiny colony located successful the northwestern portion of the Faroese land of Streymoy. The colony is surrounded by splendid landscapes with breath-taking views of nature. This astonishing presumption of the section religion was captured by Ian Montgomery utilizing his Mavic Pro and submitted to the Sky Pixel contest.  

Petra Leary/SkyPIxel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Balmoral Ball

This aerial representation of the hoops courts of Auckland shows wonderfully contrasting colours and superb symmetry from the skies. This representation by Petra Leary, won archetypal prize successful the nonrecreational representation class successful 2017's Skypixel awards. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

The prima is busy

This drone photograph shows an aerial presumption of workers drying noodles connected assorted racks. The lensman captioned the image:  

"On October 5, 2017, villagers successful Xiashi Town, Kaili City, Guizhou Province, were engaged drying noodles." 

Martin Sanchez

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

End of the line, USA by Martin Sanchez

Martin Sanchez said helium took this photograph connected a Saturday day successful April conscionable earlier sunset successful New Jersey. He noticed an bare tennis tribunal that “just stood retired similar a treasured communicative successful a publication of bare words”. After a fewer takes, 2 radical came by to play immoderate tennis and seemed confused watching him laic connected the ground. When helium was done, helium showed them his photograph and they said, "Ohhhh! I get it!"

Basilica del Voto Nacional

An astonishing sun-bathed presumption of the Basilica del Voto Nacional, a Roman Catholic religion that dominates the skyline of Quito, Ecuador. The astonishing religion was blessed by the Pope successful 1985 and is 1 of the biggest attractions of the area. It besides makes for an awesome drone photograph arsenic Alex Javier proved with this drawback utilizing his Phantom 4 Pro. 

Trung Pham/SkyPixel

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

Baby lobsters breeding farm

Above the waters of Vietnam, Trung Pham captured this image of the lobster farms of the Phu Yen province. The striking colours and premix of man-made materials with quality marque for an unthinkable photograph. 


Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

The rebirth

From Sardinia, Italy, this aerial representation won 3rd prize successful the nonrecreational representation class of 2017's Skypixel awards with a elemental caption:

"Now you're going to beryllium witnesser to the rebirth of humanity."

Javier Bustamante

Best drone photos ever   taken representation  1

La Vijanera, Spain by feelingmovie

Javier Bustamante, a 32-year-old designer, said helium took this photograph portion astatine La Vijanera, a wintertime carnival that takes spot successful the municipality of Silió successful Cantabria (Spain) connected the archetypal Sunday of each year. "This enactment consists connected a radical of hunters who privation to seizure a bear," helium explained. "(Sic) Tour the colony representing the seizure of the bear... This photograph is the extremity of the enactment successful which the carnivore is captured."

A breached level successful Iceland

An unthinkable presumption changeable utilizing a DJI Air 2S and submitted to SkyPixel. This representation from Iceland shows a superb presumption of a breached level successful an icy wasteland. 

Pyramid of Austerlitz

Jelle Oostrom took this unthinkable changeable of the Pyramid of Austerlitz utilizing a DJI Mavic Air 2. 

The landmark is really a 36-metre-high pyramid of world that was crafted by Napoleon's soldiers successful 1804. 90 years aboriginal an obelisk was erected connected apical and that's what you're seeing successful the centre of this shot. From crushed level it looks a batch different. 

Heart shaped waters

A batch of these drone photos amusement unthinkable views of the satellite similar you're highly improbable to see. In this case, unthinkable bluish waters successful a heart-shaped pool. Amazing. 

A starry lake

Siman Laszlo managed to drawback this fantastic photograph of a frozen water which looks similar night's sky:

"When lakes frost astatine wintertime we tin look for ice-stars connected the surface. This twelvemonth I was fortunate to acquisition this successful the vicinity of my village."

Writing by Adrian Willings and Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 15 May 2015.

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