Best folding phones 2021: Top foldables that are available right now

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(Pocket-lint) - Remember the days erstwhile substance messages and Snake connected your Nokia 3310 were 2 of the astir breathtaking things a telephone could manage? We bash too. Fast guardant astir 2 decades and we person in-display fingerprint scanners, bezel-free displays, under-display cameras, positive a full antithetic instrumentality connected slider and flip phones.

Flip phones were erstwhile slim, compact and hinged devices. Now, flip phones person morphed into foldable phones with existent bendable screens. That tends to bring the imaginable for immense terms tags, though, to get clasp of a portion of the magic.

Here are the devices starring the foldable smartphone trend.

Top foldable phones 2021


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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 features a much refined plan compared to its predecessors - the Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Flip 5G - with much streamlined cameras connected the extracurricular and a larger outer display.

Like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Z Flip 3 adds waterproofing and a tougher frame. The screen show bumps up from 1.1-inches to 1.9-inches and the interior show gets a 120Hz refresh complaint too.

The camera specifications are the aforesaid arsenic the Z Flip 5G, arsenic are the RAM and retention options and the artillery capacity, but the Z Flip 3 runs connected the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset implicit the Snapdragon 865+.


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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 succeeds the Galaxy Z Fold 2 a small further down this list, offering a much refined design, tougher framework and waterproofing.

It offers the aforesaid show specifications arsenic its predecessor with a 6.23-inch outer show and a 7.6-inch interior display, though the outer surface has a 120Hz refresh complaint and the interior show has an under-display camera. The Z Fold 3 is besides compatible with a specially-designed S Pen.

Hardware besides gets an upgrade compared to the Z Fold 2, with the Z Fold 3 moving connected the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset with 12GB RAM, 256GB oregon 512GB retention and a 4400mAh battery.


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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip/Galaxy Z Flip 5G


Samsung's Z Flip and Z Flip 5G fold horizontally down the middle, overmuch similar a Samsung mentation of the Moto Razr. They person been succeeded by the Z Flip 3 that has a larger screen show and improved hardware, though the archetypal Z Flip 5G inactive offers immoderate large specs and should beryllium cheaper now.

Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865+, the Z Flip 5G 256GB telephone is undeniably premium and comes successful black, golden and purple options.

The hinge is claimed to beryllium bully for implicit 200,000 folds. You tin unfastened the hinge astatine antithetic angles, with the contented adjusting to acceptable the device. It's astir 90mm by 70mm erstwhile folded.


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Motorola Razr 5G


Lenovo-owned Motorola rather virtually morphed its 15-year aged iconic Razr flip phone into a foldable phone, switching the numerical keyboard for a flexible OLED surface show that folds into an almost-square erstwhile you unopen the phone, with a 2nd Quick View show connected the front.

The archetypal instrumentality was unveiled successful November 2019 but the institution has since released a 2nd procreation exemplary successful the Razr 5G. The Razr 5G features a solid and stainless alloy construction, a fingerprint scanner connected the rear, and it's astir 16mm heavy erstwhile folded. The main surface is 6.2-inches, made from Plastic OLED truthful it tin fold, portion the 2nd surface connected the beforehand is simply a fixed 2.7-inch sheet for glancing astatine notifications.

Under the hood, you'll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, coupled with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of retention and a 2800mAh battery. There is simply a 48-megapixel camera that flips to be a selfie and main camera and determination is simply a 20-megapixel interior camera.


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The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was made authoritative successful February 2019, pursuing years of rumours. It was succeeded by the Galaxy Z Fold 2 successful 2020, and much recently, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 successful 2021.

The Z Fold 2 has a vertical hinge that allows for antithetic angles of viewing. There's a ample 6.2-inch show connected the front, portion the Fold 2 unfolds to a 7.6-inch tablet similar the archetypal model.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset nether its hood, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. There are 5 cameras to guarantee each space is covered, portion the bundle allows for three-app multi-tasking erstwhile unfastened connected the larger display.


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Huawei Mate Xs


Huawei stole the amusement at Mobile World Congress 2019, unveiling its instrumentality connected a folding telephone in the Mate X. It's since released a 2nd procreation exemplary of the instrumentality successful the Mate Xs.

The Xs has its surface connected the exterior fold - presented arsenic a 6.6-inch main surface and elongated 6.38-inch surface connected the rear. Unfolded, the 2 contiguous arsenic an 8-inch tablet form.

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The Mate Xs offers the aforesaid camera specifications, plan and show arsenic the archetypal Mate X, but it has a redesigned hinge, the much caller Kirin 990 chipset, a somewhat higher terms tag and nary Google services.


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Royole FlexPai 2


Royole bushed everyone to the punch, announcing the archetypal commercially-available smartphone with a flexible show backmost astatine CES 2019 successful the FlexPai. It has present released the 2nd procreation exemplary successful the FlexPai 2.

The FlexPai 2 is made from materials similar liquid metallic and an aluminium titanium alloy. It has an updated hinge and the surface - which folds vertically similar the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 - is said to beryllium capable to withstand 1.8 cardinal folds. 

Like the original FlexPai, the FlexPai 2 turns from a 7.8-inch tablet into a smartphone by folding successful half. It's got each the powerfulness of a emblematic flagship smartphone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 nether the hood, coupled with a 4500mAh artillery and a quad rear camera. 


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LG Velvet


The LG Velvet isn't a foldable instrumentality but it has a a Dual Screen lawsuit that offers a 2nd 6.8-inch show alongside the main 6.8-inch display, arsenic good arsenic different 2.8-inch outer display.

The Velvet lawsuit adds bulk, expanding the instrumentality to a laptop-thick 14.4mm and adding much than 70 per cent to the phone's weight, bringing it successful astatine a hefty 309g. It's besides not arsenic blase arsenic the existent folding phones, but it's an absorbing enactment nevertheless.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 22 January 2019.

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