Biggest fines in history for NRL bad boys

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NRL players volition look the heaviest fines successful the game's past successful a hopeless bid to halt off-field scandals.

Under the program devised by Australian Rugby League Commission president Peter V'landys and NRL main enforcement Andrew Abdo, misbehaving players volition beryllium liable for fines of up to $130,000, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Players were told astir the NRL's volition to summation the maximum good from $50,000 during caller nine visits, which came aft a spate of breach notices for COVID-related offences and improper conduct.

Under existent rules a subordinate can't beryllium fined much than $50,000, but the NRL wants the caller fig established earlier the commencement of the 2022 season.

Peter V'landys. (Getty)

"The maximum good hasn't accrued from $50,000 for a agelong clip and we've been criticised for not having capable penalties," V'landys said. "We haven't introduced it yet arsenic it is inactive successful the consultation stage.

"The maximum good whitethorn ne'er get applied, but if you person a concern wherever you request it, you should person the close to use it. Yet if the players don't bash the incorrect happening they volition person thing to interest astir it."

The NRL is connected way to manus retired much than $1 cardinal successful fines for off-field subordinate indiscretions this year.

In conscionable the past month, it has fined Josh Dugan ($50,000), Adam Elliott ($10,000), Lachlan Lewis ($10,000) and Matt Lodge ($5000) for assorted offences.

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