Broncos skipper fights tears in emotional farewell

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An affectional Alex Glenn has announced helium volition telephone clip connected his NRL vocation astatine the extremity of the season.

The existent skipper of the Broncos, Glenn volition telephone it quits arsenic Brisbane's 4th most-capped subordinate of each time.

The 33-year-old has played 282 games for the nine and barring wounded volition adhd 3 much games to his tally with the Broncos retired of finals contention.

Only Darren Lockyer (355), Corey Parker (347) and Sam Thaiday (304) person played much elder games for the Broncos.

Glenn this day fought backmost tears arsenic helium addressed the media to denote his retirement.

Alex Glenn of the Broncos (Getty)

"It was ever a imagination travel existent to play for the Broncos, but to decorativeness my vocation arsenic a one-club subordinate present is beyond thing I could person imagined," Glenn said.

"There person been plentifulness of highs and lows but I person ne'er taken for granted however peculiar it is to beryllium capable to propulsion connected the Broncos jersey.

"The Broncos person a agleam aboriginal ahead, you tin spot that by the mode we person turned things astir this year, and I can't hold to spot this squad turn and win successful the years ahead."

Glenn revealed helium hopes to animate the adjacent procreation of kids successful the adjacent signifier of his career.

"I'll beryllium going retired and helping kids pursuit their ain dreams," helium added.

"For myself, coming from thing and to springiness clip to those kids, that's thing I'm precise passionate astir and precise grateful to the nine to get that opportunity."

Alex Glenn successful enactment for the Broncos (Getty)

Broncos manager Kevin Walters lauded the committedness Glenn brought to the club, starting from his aboriginal days arsenic a junior.

"For me, he's a existent Bronco," Walters said.

"He came done our nether 20s strategy and won a (under-20s) Grand Final successful 2008 against the Raiders. He's been successful our strategy ever since then.

"He's a truly bully leader, we were precise fortunate – and helium was precise grateful arsenic good – for him to skipper the broadside implicit the past 2 years.

"I deliberation his past six weeks of shot has typified the reset of the Broncos, he's led the mode there. He's a large nine person, and a large idiosyncratic successful general.

"He's been precise bully for the Broncos from a young lad coming done to our 4th highest capped player.

"He's a large stalwart of the nine and typifies what a large Bronco looks like."

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