'Bully' leaves Osaka in tears at media conference

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A tearful Naomi Osaka has concisely walked retired of a property league successful the United States aft she was accused of manipulating the media.

Osaka's narration with the media has been nether the spotlight since she withdrew from Roland Garros successful May having refused to beforehand the mandatory media conferences, citing intelligence wellness concerns.

She subsequently skipped Wimbledon but returned for the Tokyo Olympics, where she lit the cauldron during the opening ceremonial before losing successful the 3rd circular to Markéta Vondroušová.

Ahead of her archetypal circuit lawsuit since Paris, Osaka fronted a media league successful Cincinnati.

"You're not particularly fond of dealing with the media, particularly successful this format," she was asked by Paul Daugherty, a long-time sports columnist astatine the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Naomi Osaka is reduced to tears astatine a media league up of the Cincinnati Open. (YouTube)

"You've suggested determination are amended ways to bash it. You besides person extracurricular interests, beyond tennis, that are served by having a level that the media presents to you.

"How bash you deliberation you mightiness beryllium capable to champion equilibrium the two?"

Osaka initially seemed to grip the question well, offering a elaborate reply that went for much than a minute.

"Ever since I was younger, I person had a batch of media involvement connected me, and I deliberation it's due to the fact that of my inheritance arsenic good arsenic however I play," she said, acknowledging her Japanese-Haitian heritage.

"I can't truly assistance that determination are immoderate things that I tweet oregon immoderate things that I accidental that benignant of make a batch of quality articles oregon things similar that ... but I would besides accidental I'm not truly definite however to equilibrium the two.

"Like I'm figuring it retired astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic you are, I would say."

An affectional Naomi Osaka during her media league astatine the Cincinnati Open. (YouTube)

It was lone erstwhile the moderator called connected the adjacent question that the emotion seemed to get to Osaka, who wiped distant tears and pulled her headdress down implicit her eyes.

She was incapable to proceed arsenic the moderator called a little time-out, during which Osaka near the country to constitute herself. She was aboriginal capable to return.

Leading tennis newsman Ben Rothenberg aboriginal tweeted that it was the code of the question, alternatively than the content, which upset Osaka.

"The taxable itself wasn't terrible, but the assertive code from an unfamiliar person, aft Naomi had already spoken successful an earlier reply astir however that's what she finds hard successful property conferences, got things going wholly awry," helium wrote.

Naomi Osaka lights the cauldron astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

Rothenberg besides tweeted a connection from Osaka's agent, Stuart Duguid, astir the incident.

"The bully astatine the Cincinnati Enquirer is the epitome of wherefore subordinate / media relations are truthful fraught close now," Duguid said.

"Everyone connected that Zoom volition hold that his code was each incorrect and his sole intent was to intimidate. Really appalling behaviour.

"And this insinuation that Naomi owes her disconnected tribunal occurrence to the media is simply a story – don't beryllium truthful self-indulgent."

The satellite No.2 has a bye successful the archetypal circular and volition look the victor of the lucifer betwixt Coco Gauff and Su-Wei Shieh successful the 2nd round. Ash Barty is the apical effect for the tournament.

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