CPR on set of 'Better Call Saul' saved Bob Odenkirk's life, star says

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In July 2021, Odenkirk collapsed connected the Albuquerque, New Mexico, acceptable portion filming the sixth and last play of the show. He aboriginal confirmed that it had been owed to a "small bosom attack."

The star, who has been nominated for galore Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for playing the titular character, has present revealed that helium stopped breathing during the frightening occurrence but was saved acknowledgment to exigency aesculapian attraction connected set.

    Though helium cannot callback the contiguous aftermath of the incident, helium present knows it happened astatine astir 5:30 p.m. erstwhile the formed and unit were changing shots. At that clip Odenkirk, present 59, mounted an workout motorcycle helium utilized betwixt shoots to ticker a Chicago Cubs shot crippled connected TV, helium said.

      Bob Odenkirk backmost  to enactment    connected  'Better Call Saul' aft  wellness  scare

      In an interrogation with the Radio Times magazine this week, the histrion recalled: "I went down connected 1 knee, and past I went each the mode down. I conjecture I said, 'I don't consciousness precise good.'"

        The star, who plays con-artist-turned-lawyer Jimmy McGill who takes connected the pseudonym Saul Goodman, said his co-stars Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim Wexler, and Patrick Fabian, who plays Howard Hamlin, grabbed his caput and manus and "started yelling astatine maine to enactment connected Earth."

        "I wasn't breathing," helium continued. "I mean, if cipher had been there, if they didn't bash that CPR, I'd person been dormant successful a fewer minutes."

          He had 3 shots of the defibrillator past exigency country to wide the artery helium called "the widowmaker."

          'Better Call Saul' snags Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for last  play   appearance

          "Better Call Saul" is simply a prequel to the AMC deed "Breaking Bad," which ran for 5 seasons betwixt 2008 and 2013. That amusement introduced Odenkirk arsenic Goodman, an lawyer for Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston.

          In the last play of the show, actors Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their "Breaking Bad" roles of White and Jesse Pinkman.

            Odenkirk told the Radio Times that the reunion was "the top joyousness ever," adding: "The archetypal occurrence I did connected 'Breaking Bad' was a large country with those guys successful the desert, astatine 2 a.m., successful a sandstorm. So to revisit the narration present ... I can't accidental much than that. Because it's a mindblower, man."

            The bid finale is scheduled to aerial connected August 15.

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