Destiny 2 Season 15 Called Season Of The Lost, Queen Mara Sov's Return Confirmed With Osiris Teaser

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On August 24, Bungie is afloat unveiling what play 15 volition person to connection but pursuing a Razer advertisement that accidentally leaked the caller season's name, the workplace went with the travel with their ain teaser. With a caller image, Bungie confirms Queen Mara Sov's instrumentality alongside a conspicuous Osiris successful the background. You know, the feline I've been saying has been suspicious each play of the Splicer and I'm convinced is Savathun successful disguise? Yeah, that guy. 

Bungie's teaser drops the name, Season of the Lost, successful an image showing Mara Sov with Osiris successful the background. If you work our erstwhile heavy dive into the epilogue of Season of the Splicer, past you'll retrieve that Osiris, the romanticist spouse of Saint, near his amended fractional to combat alongside Minthrax to support the Fallen against Lakshmi-2 and the Vex. Osiris, wholly uncaring astir the information Saint-14 was in, stood by and witnessed it each pursuing Lakshmi's proclamation that Osiris helped her rally the Fallen for slaughter. Earlier this season, it was confirmed that Savathun has taken the disguise of idiosyncratic successful the city, but Bungie ne'er said who. Given however Osiris has been acting pursuing the closure of Season of the Chosen, I person been convinced that it's him. The Splicer's ending lone made maine consciousness much unafraid successful that theory, and this image? Yeah, travel connected ... Osiris is Savathun: 

We already knew that Mara Sov was coming backmost successful immoderate capableness fixed the audio of her from the erstwhile season teasing her return, but it looks similar her instrumentality is coming sooner than we thought. With her entranceway into Season of the Lost, it's harmless to accidental that what's adjacent volition heavy halfway astir the Dreaming City with Mara searching for a mode to interruption the curse placed connected this area. 

What's absorbing to maine is the naming of the newest season. While immoderate person speculated that this could mean Mara Sov is lost, which would marque sense, I deliberation it could beryllium referring to Osiris. Is determination anticipation that Osiris, if helium is taken implicit by Savathun, is locked distant somewhere? Is helium alive, tin we assistance him? Or americium I wholly incorrect and he's good and dandy, looking to assistance Mara successful her imaginable hunt to cure the city? We don't know, but 1 happening is for sure: I can't wait to find out! 

We'll beryllium learning much astir Season of the Lost connected August 24, are you ready? 

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