'Dreaming' Tszyu won't fight boxing's big names

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Michael Zerafa says Tim Tszyu is "dreaming" if helium thinks helium tin onshore a lucifer up with the apical fighters successful the world, reminding his bitter rival the 2 person unfinished business.

By each accounts a combat betwixt Tszyu and Zerafa is disconnected the array - it's improbable the 2 camps volition beryllium down to program different lawsuit pursuing Zerafa's last infinitesimal cancellation of their much-anticipated clash owed to concerns implicit COVID-19.

Tszyu's promoters No Limit declared Zerafa was finished successful Australian boxing with broadcasters Main Event said to beryllium fuming. After Tszyu easy dispatched of a spirited Steve Spark successful Newcastle, helium said helium was finished warring section endowment and would lone see planetary based fighters for his adjacent bout.

American Tony Harrison and Brit Liam Smith person been touted arsenic imaginable opponents with the Sydney fighter's campy keen for different combat earlier the extremity of the year. But Tszyu whitethorn person to reconsider his plans.

Tim Tszyu finishes Stevie Spark with a brutal assemblage changeable during their combat successful Newcastle. (Getty)

With the existent COVID-19 outbreak crossed the state causing states to heighten restrictions and successful astir cases fastener down completely, the Tszyu campy volition person its hands afloat luring a large sanction to Australia successful the existent climate. As politicians and wellness experts impulse the nationalist to brace for the worst successful the coming months arsenic cases look acceptable to increase, Tszyu whitethorn person to travel to the reaslisation that staging a combat against an planetary hostile successful Australia this twelvemonth is unachievable.

The star's absorption had trouble securing deals with internationally based fighters earlier this twelvemonth due to the fact that of the quarantine requirements imposed connected visitors. The concern has lone worsened since, truthful it's hard to spot that changing.

If Tszyu wants to combat again this year, helium whitethorn person nary prime but to spell against different section combatant until vaccination rates summation capable to spot the state unfastened up again. And that's wherever Zerafa comes in.

The Victorian said he's copped it for pulling retired of the July 7 bout, saying if it wasn't for his "thick skin" helium would person "complete depression" pursuing the barrage of maltreatment online. As for Tszyu's plans to combat Harrison, Zerafa said his rival is "living a fantasy".

Horn scores arguable triumph implicit Zerafa

"He wouldn't past 5 rounds with a feline similar Tony Harrison I genuinely judge that. I've been overseas," Zerafa told Wide World of Sports.

"He wants guys likes Castano, Charlo and Harrison and past determination are guys successful Australia that helium struggled with. With guys similar that Tszyu doesn't last.

"Tszyu has been knocked down by Wade Ryan. I'm conscionable talking similar a boxing instrumentality but I deliberation he's dreaming.

"I was determination successful beforehand of him successful Sydney helium didn't person thing to accidental and past erstwhile the combat is disconnected helium wants to combat maine bare knuckle. He recovered his balls."

While Zerafa was branded nationalist force No.1 by immoderate parts of the media pursuing his determination not to question to Newcastle amid the COVID-19 outbreak successful Sydney, which has since dispersed crossed the authorities and country, the Victorian said helium inactive wants to combat Tszyu.

"I ne'er pulled retired of the combat I ne'er said no, each we said was they couldn't present what was promised," Zerafa said. "It needed clip and we asked for a postponement and wrong 2 hours they replaced maine with idiosyncratic else.

Boxers Tim Tszyu and Michael Zerafa look disconnected astatine a property league astatine The Star Casino. (James Alcock/Sydney Morning Herald)

"What was offered 8 weeks anterior to the combat and what was delivered 1 week retired of the combat were 2 antithetic things.

"As you tin spot we were right, Sydney is copping it with each these cases and implicit lockdowns and restrictions.

"I wanted the fight. I'm not present to alteration anybody's opinion. There's 2 sides to each story. I've fought bigger names for little wealth successful worse conditions. I've ne'er shied distant from a fight.

"Who other is helium going to combat now? He's moving retired of 63kg fighters.

"He doesn't privation to permission his authorities oregon measurement up a division, he'll lone combat guys from little divisions truthful he's moving retired of options. I conscionable privation to unopen him up, helium does my caput in."

Zerafa said helium besides has plans to get successful the ringing astatine immoderate constituent earlier the extremity of the twelvemonth but his absorption hasn't been successful interaction with Tszyu's promoters since the July lawsuit was called off.

Stranger things person happened successful boxing. (James Alcock/Sydney Morning Herald)

Getting some teams to the negotiating array whitethorn beryllium intolerable but if the concern regarding the pandemic doesn't alteration rapidly past some sides whitethorn request to beryllium down and aerial their differences to enactment active.

Tszyu's campy whitethorn person to enactment up much wealth to bring successful a overseas combatant nether the existent conditions, and warring Zerafa would outgo less. Tszyu could besides instrumentality a combat overseas if helium truly wants to fulfill his plans of taking connected an internationally acclaimed hostile this year, however, Zerafa doubts that volition happen.

"They should decidedly bash that but they don't privation to permission Sydney," helium added. "They privation to beryllium based successful their hometown they don't privation to question and bash immoderate of that.

"We are the adjacent champion successful enactment successful Australia. I judge we are the champion but successful his caput I'm the adjacent best. If helium wants to combat the champion I'm here. But marque it fair. It was already a 70-30 divided that we agreed on, by the extremity of it was 90-10."

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