Eels sued amid tumultuous NRL run

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Amid a four-game losing streak Parramatta has much to interest astir disconnected the field.

One of the firms caught up caught up successful the Eels' wage headdress ungraded is taking ineligible enactment against the club.

Blackcitrus, who is going into liquidation, has started Supreme Court proceedings against the Eels implicit integer services provided to the club. Liquidators appointed by the tribunal are looking to recoup wealth owed, with the sum said to beryllium successful the six figures.

A subsidiary of Blackcitrus, Score Cube, was liable for third-party subordinate payments that were not decently disclosed to the NRL. In 2016 it was revealed that payments from Score Cube to erstwhile guardant Anthony Watmough had raised suspicions astatine Rugby League Central.

The sheet interruption down the Eels' woes

It was further revealed the Eels were sorting the headdress which led to the deregistration of 5 officials, the stripping of a twelve contention points, a $750,000 good and a constabulary probe. There is nary proposition of immoderate wrongdoing by Watmough oregon unit from Blackcitrus oregon Score Cube.

The Supreme Court enactment could spot further fallout from the nine portion it goes done a unsmooth spot connected the field.

Eels halfback Mitchell Moses said the squad was anxious to enactment Saturday's 56-10 nonaccomplishment to Manly down them heading into this weekend's lucifer against the Cowboys.

"You've got to enactment those things past you," helium said. "We played a bulk of the crippled with 11 men and didn't get overmuch of the ball.

NRL Highlights: Manly smash the eels successful 66 constituent stroke retired - Round 22

"The extracurricular sound isn't truly affecting us; we cognize what we are doing incorrect successful our games. We've conscionable got to get ourselves retired of this small signifier slump that we are successful astatine the infinitesimal and hopefully we tin bash that this week."

Moses said the squad was much feeling the value of speculation astir the tenure of manager Brad Arthur astatine the club.

"He's not the 1 going retired determination and making the tackles. That's wholly connected us," Moses said.

"He's fixed america bully crippled plans to spell retired determination and perform, but we aren't doing that astatine the infinitesimal for him. We've got to instrumentality ownership of that."

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