Emerging trends in IT spend, workforce training, data analytics and more

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Each month, TechRepublic Premium's probe reports empower leaders crossed the enforcement suite and IT with the latest tech and workforce trends.


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TechRepublic Premium conducts a monthly survey and crafts a paired probe study to supply executives and IT teams with the latest tech trends. This roundup features 4 fashionable resources based connected probe findings related to low-code solutions, the benefits of workforce training, the assorted ways COVID-19 has impacted IT spending and more.

Research: Workforce grooming is worthy the investment, expanding productivity and occupation satisfaction

In the property of integer transformation, exertion moves fast, and it's casual to autumn down connected the latest skills and software. Workforce grooming is simply a large mode to support employees up to velocity connected in-demand tech, and retraining opportunities tin service arsenic a refresher people for employees looking to brushwood up their knowledge. As this premium study highlights, effectual workforce grooming investments tin summation productivity and boost worker occupation satisfaction; timely considerations amid a choky labour marketplace and precocious workforce turnover.

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Research: COVID-19 causes SMBs to summation IT deployment and spending

The power to distant enactment astatine standard has presented caller information challenges for teams overseeing these networks, arsenic telecommuters log connected from location via a mixed container of idiosyncratic and institution devices. At the aforesaid time, companies person rapidly accelerated integer translation strategies to enactment distant teams with a immense suite of virtual collaboration tools. This TechRepublic Premium study details the assorted ways COVID-19 has impacted exertion walk arsenic good arsenic the types of hardware, unreality services and SaaS features companies are deploying.

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Research: BI and information analytics usage up; but companies deficiency skills needed to instrumentality afloat vantage of tools

Business quality and information analytic platforms are fashionable ways to measure institution operations and place caller concern opportunities. Data visualization tools and dashboards let companies to alteration droves of information into utile tools, but these solutions are hard to pat if companies don't person the know-how to instrumentality them. This TechRepublic Premium study highlights the myriad ways companies are utilizing these solutions, the benefits of implementation and the archetypal roadblocks hindering adoption.

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