Everything you need to know about God of War Ragnarök: Trailers, release date and more

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(Pocket-lint) - Ragnarök is coming - the adjacent God of War rubric is present confirmed, aft a agelong play of rumour-mongering, and Sony precocious took the wraps disconnected it with a afloat gameplay trailer.

It looks perfectly gorgeous, and is acceptable to proceed the communicative of Kratos and Atreus immoderate years aft the extremity of the past game. Keep speechmaking to find retired each the cardinal details you request to know, but beryllium warned - this nonfiction contains immoderate spoilers for the extremity of the past game!

God of War Ragnarök: Trailer and merchandise date

Sony gave america a due amusement successful September 2021 erstwhile it utilized its Showcase lawsuit arsenic the accidental to amusement disconnected Ragnarök decently for the archetypal clip - we knew the crippled was connected its way, but didn't person a rubric overmuch little gameplay.

Previously we'd had a teaser which you tin find beneath - released astir precisely a twelvemonth earlier the latest trailer, and confirming astir nothing.

However, 1 happening it did springiness america was a merchandise model of 2021, which we cognize has since been delayed. The planetary pandemic tin mostly beryllium fixed the blame, but we don't yet person a caller merchandise model to anticipate. Based connected the awesome gameplay successful the latest trailer, though, we'd anticipation that a 2022 merchandise is successful the making.

God of War Ragnarök: Story

The extremity of 2018's God of War contained a just fewer rapid-fire revelations, truthful halt speechmaking if you haven't finished it!

At the adjacent of the game, we've recovered retired that Atreus was named Loki astatine birth, suggesting helium himself is simply a portion of the Norse pantheon that Kratos has been trying truthful hard to fell from. The decease of Baldur triggers the opening of Fimbulwinter, a plague of crystal that precedes the world-ending Ragnarök itself.

Santa Monica Studio

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From the archetypal trailer for Ragnarök, we tin spot that a fewer years person passed and Atreus has grown up a bit, into his awkward teenage years. It's wide that the Norse gods are coming for Kratos, not slightest Freya who is inactive successful mourning for Baldur - and successful the inheritance the beingness of Thor can't beryllium ignored.

Mimir, your affable talking caput from the past game, is returning, and from the sounds of it he's cooking up a program to escaped the imprisoned Tyr, Norse mythology's ain deity of war, to get him to assistance you propulsion backmost against the different gods. Whether that volition enactment arsenic simply arsenic it sounds, we'll fto you beryllium the judge.

God of War Ragnarök: Gameplay

It's wide from the gameplay trailer that things are taking immoderate evolutionary steps successful Ragnarök - we tin spot that successful the glimpses of combat that we get. For one, Atreus seems to present person summoning abilities, riding connected a spectral stag astatine 1 point.

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Santa Monica Studio

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Kratos has a clump of caller abilities himself, including a grapple-hook benignant question set, and presumably this clip we won't person to hold excessively agelong earlier we get our hands connected the Blades of Chaos. There are besides intelligibly divers caller enemies to fight, including the supra crocodile-like Dreki and the instrumentality of centaurs (hopefully their deaths won't beryllium rather arsenic gruesome arsenic successful God of War III).

The satellite is besides expanding successful geographical presumption - God of War successful 2018 fto america sojourn six of the 9 realms of Norse myth, but Ragnarök volition grow that to tally the afloat gamut, and we spot glimpses of progressive and bustling towns successful the trailer. That's a caller look for God of War, and we wonderment if it could marque for much dialog and characterful questlines.

Santa Monica Studio

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There are besides moments wherever Kratos takes to a dog-pulled sledge to transverse iced-over water, on with returns to the boating that was truthful salient successful the past game, truthful it's wide that we'll beryllium traversing ample maps erstwhile again.

Beyond that, we don't cognize a immense magnitude more, but the noises coming from Santa Monica Studio bespeak that the crippled is going to beryllium bigger than its prequel successful astir ways you tin deliberation of, truthful we'd besides presume determination volition erstwhile again beryllium an extended crafting strategy and limb upgrade tree.

To find retired a spot much astir the game, you tin cheque retired the PlayStation Blog post unveiling it, but different we'll person to hold for much trailer and accusation to travel retired implicit time.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 10 September 2021.

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