Facebook to test Facebook Reels in the US as part of a limited rollout

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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook-owned Instagram launched Reels past year, bringing the trendy, short-form video format to the Instagram app. In different words, it's made a TikTok clone. Then, earlier this year, the Facebook app began investigating Reels successful India, Mexico, and Canada successful a constricted rollout.

Now, they're coming to Facebook successful the US.

If you're 1 of the users who gets aboriginal entree to Facebook Reels, you volition beryllium capable to ticker and make them successful the Facebook mobile app. Facebook said its users walk astir fractional of their clip successful the app watching videos, and that Reels are increasing “especially quickly". So, now, Reels volition amusement up for immoderate users successful the News Feed. They'll besides beryllium disposable successful Groups - wherever users tin ticker them together. As portion of this test, Instagram users tin cross-post Reels to Facebook.

If you're 1 of the users who gets aboriginal access, you volition beryllium capable to ticker and make Reels successful the Facebook mobile app, wherever you tin adhd euphony oregon adjacent usage audio from different person’s video. Just pat the “Create” fastener from the Reels conception that appears arsenic you scroll the News Feed oregon portion you’re watching Reels oregon by tapping connected “Reels” astatine the apical of your News Feed. You volition past spot instauration tools, similar euphony selection, grounds audio, camera rotation import, and timed text.

TikTok offers akin video-creation capabilities and is known for popularising their usage successful short-form content. In fact, TikTok has had explosive occurrence since past year, with a cardinal progressive users each month. We fishy Facebook wants to seizure immoderate of that audience.

Technically, it already tried to - with the Lasso app. But that failed. Perhaps, Reels connected Facebook volition bash better.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 20 August 2021.

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