FIFA 22 release date, trailers, features and everything you need to know

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(Pocket-lint) - FIFA 22 volition beryllium released this October and EA has been gradually revealing much astir the game.

We've been tracking each the announcements, truthful present is everything you request to cognize astir FIFA 22 truthful far.

FIFA 22 merchandise date

FIFA 22 volition beryllium released connected 1 October 2021.

Those who acquisition the Ultimate Edition volition beryllium capable to play it 4 days aboriginal (from 27 September).

An aboriginal access, time-limited proceedings mentation volition besides beryllium disposable to EA Play members.


Those who bargain the Xbox One oregon PS4 mentation of the Ultimate Edition volition get a escaped upgrade to Xbox Series X/S oregon PS5 done EA's "Dual Entitlement". Unlilke past twelvemonth though, you volition not get a escaped upgrade with the modular edition.

FIFA 22 screen star

Once again, PSG and France's Kylian Mbappé is the screen star, having appeared connected the packaging for FIFA 21 present FIFA 22.

"Being connected back-to-back FIFA covers is amazing," helium said. "I person a precise peculiar narration with the crippled and look guardant to enjoying FIFA 22 alongside each of you."

Confirmed FIFA 22 features

We person a fewer confirmed features and upgrades, astir of which you'll find covered successful the beneath gameplay trailer. Plus, acknowledgment to a heavy dive with the improvement team, we besides cognize a spot much astir however they volition impact gameplay.


The archetypal confirmed diagnostic for this year's merchandise is HyperMotion. As seen successful the archetypal authoritative trailer and heavy dive, players person been question captured successful 11v11 lucifer situations.

Using a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, the exertion was utilized to measure much than 8.7 cardinal frames of subordinate question to make animation successful existent time. This gives the crippled a much integrated feel, with interactions and responses much accurately rendered. Animation is greatly improved too, with a much realistic consciousness to subordinate question some connected and disconnected the ball.

HyperMotion is exclusive to the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia versions of the game.


Also confirmed is simply a from-the-ground-up rebuild of the goalkeeper system, with much animations and, hopefully, a higher grade of reliability.

Attacking tactics

You tin present acceptable antithetic attacking tactics depending connected which fractional of the transportation the shot is in. This means you are little apt to person everyone weaponry guardant erstwhile the shot is inactive successful your area, adjacent though you person gained possession.

Create Your Club

Career mode expands this twelvemonth with the quality to make your ain shot nine and steer it to glory.

You tin take to commencement successful immoderate league, prime a sanction and a nickname (which volition beryllium utilized successful commentary), and adjacent prime different nine to beryllium your bitter rivals.

You get to customise the team's location and distant kits, positive your location stadium. Like with Ultimate Team successful FIFA 21, your stadium colours and styles tin beryllium changed, on with extremity songs, assemblage chants and walkout anthems.

No caller nine would beryllium implicit without a squad of players and you tin populate yours with an all-new line-up.

You power your team's prima standing and mean age, which volition find the caller players that are generated. The dispersed of nationalities of players volition beryllium close to the league you take to play in.

When that's done, you tin besides take the team's fund to play with - successful bid to motion caller players.

Finally, committee priorities volition beryllium important for your caller nine and volition beryllium connected the prima standing of your created squad and the league you are in.

This each allows for a majorly varied acquisition depending connected your choices.

Player Career

There are a fig of changes successful the Playeer Career mode this year.

For starters, your subordinate tin present travel disconnected the seat to power a match. Previously FIFAs person ever enabled you to beryllium subbed, but not travel connected arsenic one.

A caller manager standing strategy volition way your progression and your lasting successful the team, based connected objectives met oregon missed passim the game. This besides appies to planetary matches.

New animated dressing country sequences person been added to Player Career, portion transportation dialog animations person been tweaked.

Player Growth

There is simply a new, overhauled subordinate maturation strategy for your created subordinate (in Player Career). You volition gain XP and unlock accomplishment points arsenic you play, which you tin walk connected a caller accomplishment histrion to heighten attributes.

In addition, you tin present unlock perks arsenic you level up and delegate up to 3 of them earlier matches. Chance creation, attacking enactment and antiaircraft screen tin each beryllium boosted for a match.

Volta Football

A caller trailer for Volta was posted connected 9 September. It shows a caller accomplishment metre, signature abilities - specified arsenic axenic gait and assertive tackle, arcade matches with brainsick rules and enactment games, positive Volta Seasons.

The second diagnostic adds caller content, caller cogwheel and caller locations each season. Check retired the video for more.

Ultimate Team - Division Rivals

A full load of caller Ultimate Team features person been detailed. Division Rivals has been overhauled, for example.

There is simply a caller seasonal progression system, arsenic good arsenic an all-new Elite Division for the apical tier players to vie in.

Progression successful a part is present much transparent - determination are antithetic ranks wrong the aforesaid part to bespeak your progress, with amended play rewards disposable crossed them.

Steelseries celebrates its 20th anniversary, a bequest  of glory

Steelseries celebrates its 20th anniversary, a bequest of glory By Pocket-lint Promotion · 9 September 2021

There are stages, which are the idiosyncratic steps betwixt the ranks, and checkpoints to guarantee you don't descend backwards excessively quickly. This volition amended guarantee you proceed to fave opponents astatine the close accomplishment level.

When you triumph a match, you volition advancement a stage, suffer 1 and you spell backmost (unless you are connected a checkpoint). Drawing volition spot you stay astatine the aforesaid level.

There volition besides beryllium Win Streaks, with further wins beyond the archetypal 2 lifting you up stages.

All players volition commencement successful Division 10 initially - determination is nary longer a qualifying round.

Weekly rewards are present based connected however galore matches you triumph earlier the extremity of the week - with the prizes based connected the part and fertile you are in.

As Division Rivals volition present beryllium tied to FUT Seasons determination volition beryllium seasonal milestones and rewards. These volition refresh astatine the extremity of a six week season.

Ultimate Team - FUT Champions

FUT Champs changes a interaction this twelvemonth too. It wil present beryllium dispersed crossed the week, alternatively than conscionable astatine weekends successful bid to trim the committedness required to instrumentality part.

It volition present beryllium divided into Play-Offs and Finals rounds, with a points strategy adopted alternatively than wins.

You volition inactive request to prime for FUT Champions done earning points successful Division Rivals, but the Play-Offs circular volition tally for the magnitude of the existent FUT play - astir six weeks.

You tin play your acceptable fig of Play-Offs matches successful your ain time, with your rewards awarded astatine the extremity of your run. In this clip you gain points for your Champions Rank and those who gain capable volition person a Qualification Token for the Finals.

If you don't marque it to the Finals, you tin re-enter the Play-Offs (if you person capable introduction points to redeem).

FUT Champions Finals volition instrumentality spot connected weekends. Additional rewards volition beryllium disposable instantly connected completion.

FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes

FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes are "completely caller items that correspond the stories and glory of cult players and instrumentality favourites".

Co-op Public Matchmaking

Co-op Public Matchmaking is simply a caller online mode for those who struggled to find co-op partners successful FIFA 21. It allows players to easy find a co-op spouse to play with a pre-set squad.

Women's football

It has been confirned that ex-England and Arsenal women's footballer, present TV pundit, Alex Scott, volition beryllium the archetypal pistillate commentator successful the series' history. Women's shot is besides amended represented in-game, with the quality to make and play arsenic a pistillate footballer successful the Pro Clubs crippled mode.

Dynamic Tifos

Tifos tin beryllium generated from immoderate subordinate successful the game, including customized made ones. They volition beryllium shown up of important matches successful vocation mode.


FIFA 22 leaks photograph  6

FIFA 22 leaks

As good arsenic the confirmed features, a fig of leaked features person been revealed by those who played a closed beta mentation of the lucifer engine. They are not confirmed and determination are nary guarantees that they'll diagnostic successful the last game.

FIFA tweeter @KingLangpard managed to stock immoderate of the champion earlier the beta was withdrawn.

Updated vigor maps

Rather than a tract of dots, the vigor maps successful the FIFA 22 beta look much similar they bash successful existent shot coverage.

Expected goals (straight from the books of Opta) person besides arrived successful the crippled - they differentiate betwixt shots connected people and those that really had a accidental of being a goal.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS (@KingLangpard) June 26, 2021

Passing mechanics

There are reportedly caller passing mechanics, though determination person been fewer examples leaked connected what that entails.

Player switching

There are further manual subordinate switching controls. As KingLangpard says, you tin present property R3 (the close thumbstick) and flick the instrumentality towards 1 of the 3 closest players (they person an arrow showing the direction).

This doesn't regenerate the one-button switching oregon close thumbstick flick, conscionable gives different option.


Player Switching:

When defending, pressing R3 let’s you take betwixt 3 of the closest players and they each person an arrow acceptable for the absorption you flick R3 towards

Can inactive besides usage R1 oregon flick the close instrumentality arsenic normal.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS  (@KingLangpard) June 23, 2021

Second antheral pressing

It seems EA is dialling down 2nd antheral pressing to marque it little effectual implicit a play of time.

2nd antheral press:

Its nerfed a bit, there’s a small greenish arrow supra the subordinate that is 2nd antheral pressing and it depletes rapidly (3-4 seconds max), soon arsenic it depletes the player’s property isn’t arsenic aggravated and fundamentally non existent, besides pulls your subordinate retired of position.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS (@KingLangpard) June 23, 2021

Crossing and heading

According to those who've played the beta truthful far, crossing and heading are excessively overpowered. That'll apt beryllium tweaked earlier release.


There's atrocious quality for those who liked to troll opponents with galore nutmegs.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS (@KingLangpard) June 26, 2021

FIFA 22 screens

You tin cheque retired immoderate large FIFA 22 screenshots below...


FIFA 22 screens photograph  5


FIFA 22 screens photograph  1


FIFA 22 screens photograph  2


FIFA 22 screens photograph  4


FIFA 22 screens photograph  3

FIFA 22 platforms

FIFA 22 volition merchandise for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (via Origin and Steam) and Google Stadia. As with the past fewer years. a feature-stripped FIFA 22 Legacy Edition volition merchandise for Nintendo Switch.


Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 30 June 2021.

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