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California ranks arsenic the second-most divers authorities successful the federation arsenic its achromatic colonisation shrinks. Plus, San Francisco is the country’s astir childless large city.

Soumya Karlamangla

Aug. 17, 2021, 8:42 a.m. ET


New citizens were sworn successful  during a ceremonial  successful  Los Angeles successful  January 2020.
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By now, you person astir apt heard that California, portion inactive the country’s astir populous authorities by far, isn’t increasing arsenic rapidly arsenic the remainder of the nation. The reversal of a decades-long boom, which volition strip California of a legislature seat for the archetypal time, was initially documented successful a preview of census information this spring.

But erstwhile the U.S. Census Bureau fully released the information from its 2020 survey past week, it revealed a much complicated, nuanced representation of however California — and the 39.5 cardinal of america who telephone the authorities location — has changed implicit the past decade.

Here are 5 large takeaways:

In 2020, much than 39 percent of Californians identified themselves arsenic Hispanic oregon Latino, compared with the astir 35 percent who reported they were achromatic and not Hispanic, my workfellow Jill Cowan reported.

The displacement makes California 1 of lone 5 states oregon territories wherever achromatic radical bash not marque up the largest group. The others are Hawaii, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

The percent of Californians who place arsenic Asian oregon part-Asian grew by much than 27 percent betwixt 2010 and 2020, 1 of the biggest increases among taste groups.

By comparison, the proportionality of Californians who identified arsenic Black oregon part-Black accrued by 5 percent.

California has agelong been location to a higher stock of Asian residents than the remainder of the nation. In 2020, astir 18 percent of Californians identified arsenic Asian oregon part-Asian, compared with 7 percent nationwide.

Most stunning, 4 of the apical 5 counties nationwide with the highest proportionality of Asian residents are successful California: Santa Clara, San Francisco, Alameda and San Mateo.


Credit...Jason Henry for The New York Times

California grew by 2.3 cardinal residents implicit the past decennary — an summation of astir 6 percent — but that emergence wasn’t distributed evenly crossed the state.

Los Angeles County, which remains the astir populous with much than 10 cardinal residents, experienced a 2 percent increase, portion galore different agrarian counties swelled by much than 10 percent.

Here are immoderate of the winners and losers, successful presumption of colonisation changes:

  • Counties with the biggest percent maturation successful population: Trinity (17 percent increase), San Benito, Placer, San Joaquin, Yuba

  • Counties with the biggest numerical summation successful population: Riverside (228,544 much people), San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Alameda

  • Counties with the biggest percent driblet successful population: Modoc (10 percent decrease), Mono, Lassen, Mariposa, Butte

  • Counties with the biggest numerical driblet successful population: Butte (8,368 less people), Lassen, Mariposa, Mono, Modoc

Among the 100 astir populous cities successful the nation, San Francisco has the smallest stock of residents nether 18, arsenic archetypal reported by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Thirteen percent of San Francisco’s colonisation is nether 18, compared with 22 percent successful the authorities wide and nationwide. The longstanding inclination successful San Francisco is often attributed to the region’s highly precocious outgo of living, the paper reports.

There’s a astir 70 percent accidental that 2 California residents chosen astatine random would beryllium from antithetic taste oregon radical backgrounds, according to census data. When it comes to this metric, known arsenic the diverseness index, California ranks 2nd nationwide aft Hawaii.

Both Solano and Alameda Counties fertile successful the nation’s 10 astir divers counties. Explore however California’s counties stack up.


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  • Colorado River shortage: For the archetypal time, the national authorities declared a h2o shortage astatine Lake Mead, a main reservoir for the Colorado River. California is spared contiguous cuts, but the declaration limits the h2o proviso for Nevada and Arizona, the different states successful the river’s little basin.

  • Owens pupfish: A autochthonal California food taxon that has been teetering connected the borderline of extinction for the past 50 years has been fixed a imaginable caller home.

  • Business leaders: Allan Zaremberg, the California Chamber of Commerce president and main executive, has announced that helium volition retire astatine the extremity of the year, according to The Sacramento Bee.


  • Covid investigating successful schools: The Los Angeles Unified School District plans play coronavirus investigating of each student, teacher and unit member. The Los Angeles Times details the effort.

  • Crackdown connected stateless camps: Joe Buscaino, a Los Angeles metropolis councilman who is moving for mayor, is pushing his colleagues to prohibit stateless encampments from going up wrong 500 feet of nationalist schools, The Los Angeles Times reports.




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Tejal Rao, California edifice professional for The Times, has started a newsletter dedicated to the delights of vegetarian cooking. The kale-sauce pasta featured successful the first edition is scrumptious.

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In this epoch of clime change, here’s a ‘see it earlier it is gone’ idea. Jot Dean Ice Cave. Way up north, successful the Medicine Lake Highlands Volcanic Area.

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