Five reasons why we love the Philips Fidelio L3

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(Pocket-lint) - The premium headphones marketplace is heating up, and 1 of the brands attempting to found a bigger beingness for itself successful this abstraction is Philips, with its high-end Fidelio audio products. 

Included successful its caller launches, is the Fidelio L3, a luxury brace of wireless sound cancelling headphones. 

Design and comfort

One of the archetypal things we noticed erstwhile archetypal putting connected the L3 headphones was the comfortableness afforded by the plan and materials. They truly are beauteous to wear, and a batch of that comes down to the materials used. 

For instance, the headband - with its brushed cushioning connected the underside - is wrapped successful premium Miurhead leather. This is simply a tannery successful Scotland that's been unfastened since the 19th century, with not lone a meticulous attack to decorativeness and quality, but is c affirmative too. 

This peculiarly leather is called Cairngorn leather, and has a chiseled atom and matte finish. It's beauteous to look at, and feel. 

Then the cans are padded with a brushed representation foam cushion to guarantee there's nary unnecessary unit connected your ears oregon the sides of your head. You tin deterioration them for agelong periods without feeling immoderate discomfort. 

With its matte finished aluminium frame, and matte achromatic receptor cups, the wide look is 1 of prime and subtlety. That means, they look bully and they consciousness great. Plus they fold up easy for retention successful their compact brushed case. Perfect for portability. 


Sound quality 

The Fidelio's spec database reads similar the cleanable checklist of headphone technologies, particularly erstwhile it comes to sound. Music is delivered to your ears by a brace of bespoke 40mm drivers.

They're created utilizing a three-layer plan with materials designed to connection fantabulous heavy bass levels with accelerated effect for choky control, portion ensuring the abstraction down the operator gives capable country for airflow. The extremity effect is prime audio with that Fidelio dependable signature. 


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That means large bass levels that are good controlled, but without being over-powering. You inactive get the beingness offered by the mids and the subtleties successful the inheritance music. Plus, vocals and trebles are crisp and clean. In all, it's a precise bully all-round balance. That makes it intensely enjoyable to perceive to each your favourite tracks each implicit again. 

But that's not all. The Fidelio L3 is Hi-Res certified. So if you link to an Android telephone with aptX HD support, you'll get precocious prime audio wirelessly. Plus, you tin plug successful a cablegram to your location audio instrumentality and get Hi-Res audio that way. 

Noise cancelling

Sounds delivered by the headphones are super, but the Fidelio brace besides deals good with outer sounds and noises. It uses outer and interior mics to filter retired sound with its hybrid sound cancelling system. Put the headphones connected your head, play your favourite euphony and you'll beryllium immersed successful your tunes.

If you're moving from location - and sharing the abstraction with different radical - it's truly utile to beryllium capable to fastener yourself distant successful euphony similar this. Or, if you're commuting to work, you tin artifact retired the noises of engines. 


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This is further aided by passive sound cancellation, achieved done Philips' closed-back plan of the headphones and padding. And, is really a cardinal differentiator against different ANC headphones, due to the fact that it much efficaciously blocks retired the higher frequencies that ANC isn't each that effectual against. 

For the times wherever you mightiness privation to beryllium much alert of your surroundings, you tin alteration 'Awareness Mode' that uses the outer mics to present the outer sounds into the drivers truthful you tin perceive what's happening. Particularly utile if you're listening retired for announcements astatine a bid presumption oregon airdrome gate.  

Battery life 

It's not conscionable successful sound, comfortableness and sound cancelling that Philips' cans deliver. The artillery beingness is precise beardown too. With ANC enabled, they tin spell up to 32 hours earlier they request plugging successful for a refill. If you person ANC switched off, they tin spell adjacent longer - up to 38 hours. 


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Put that successful presumption of one-hour commutes to and from enactment successful a emblematic enactment week, and that's a coagulated 3 weeks of listening earlier you request to plug them backmost successful to charge. 

What's more, utilizing USB Type-C they diagnostic accelerated charging too. Just 15 minutes plugged successful is capable to get you six hours of listening. That means if you realise successful the greeting that you've forgotten to plug them in, you tin instrumentality them connected complaint portion you're getting acceptable to permission the location and person capable complaint for the remainder of the day. 


Google Fast Pair and convenience

For Android telephone users, there's immoderate other convenience present that not each headphone makers connection called Android Fast Pair. Essentially, arsenic soon arsenic you enactment the headphones successful pairing mode, a pop-up appears connected surface with a representation of the headphones, you past simply pat to link them.

What's more, due to the fact that of that they're linked to your Google relationship for entree from different supported Android devices and Chromebooks. 


Five reasons wherefore  we emotion  the Philips Fidelio L3 photograph  3

They besides featuring convenient interaction controls connected the sides, allowing you to easy power the euphony measurement and skip backwards and forwards, oregon play and intermission euphony conscionable utilizing elemental swipes with your finger. So swiping up oregon down turns adjusts the volume, and swiping backwards oregon forwards skips tracks. 

So determination you person it. A large brace of premium headphones with style, comfort, large dependable and precocious extremity features. 

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