Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Calls on DeSantis to Declare a State of Emergency

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Ron DeSantis seemingly has bigger ambitions than conscionable being the politician of 1 of the largest states successful America. The Florida politician looks to beryllium pushing for the 2024 Republican nomination.

In bid to seizure the nomination, DeSantis needs to entreaty to Donald Trump supporters. He’s trying to bash truthful by becoming a disguise mandate civilization warrior.

Thanks to DeSantis’ actions and words, Florida is present dealing with a monolithic surge of COVID cases. Still, The governor’s is acting arsenic if determination is nary occupation astatine all.

On Tuesday, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, Nikki Fried, called connected DeSantis to state a authorities of emergency.

During a caller Zoom event, Fried remarked, “Our hospitals and our wellness attraction workers are overwhelmed. We’re proceeding reports that pediatric and agrarian hospitals crossed the authorities are filling up and immoderate already astatine capacity”

The Agriculture Commissioner continued, “Governor, it is clip that we contented a authorities of emergency. Our hospitals request this, our aesculapian providers, our resources to our locals. It is past time. There are national resources that we can’t entree without a authorities of exigency being declared. There is nary excuse to not inquire for each the assistance that we tin get.”

While Fried’s comments marque a full batch of sense, it is improbable that DeSantis volition instrumentality heed of them. In bid to link with Trump supports, the politician can’t amusement weakness. And asking the authorities for assistance tin beryllium seen arsenic a motion of weakness.

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