Garmin adds three new features to Fenix, Enduro and Marq watches in latest update

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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin is adding 3 caller features to its high-end sports watches, with the Fenix 6 series, Marq and Enduro each successful enactment for the upgrade.

The trio of arrivals includes the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), Improved Intensity Minutes and Improved Fitness Age, which each look to guardant the company's purpose of interpreting your fittingness levels, and adhd to existent features specified arsenic Body Battery and Recovery Time.

RPE is simply a reasonably elemental alteration to the post-workout process, allowing users to grounds however hard an workout felt and however it felt. These subjective ratings are past uploaded to Garmin Connect arsenic portion of the activity, allowing users to spell back, presumption and comparison to different enactment sessions.

Improved Intensity Minutes, meanwhile, is simply a spot much technical. Essentially, it allows the compatible watches to decipher however and erstwhile regular strength minutes were earned. They tin besides beryllium viewed during enactment successful the signifier of a information field.

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Garmin is utilizing the American Heart Association's proposal of 150 minutes of mean workout per week (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise) arsenic a framework, with Improved Intensity Minutes allowing wearers to present presumption this automatically.

Credit for this metric tin besides beryllium gained successful 2 ways; either bosom complaint is compared to emblematic resting bosom rate, oregon the mean fig of steps per infinitesimal is analysed. Outside of these methods, signaling enactment volition lend to Improved Intensity Minutes credits, too.

Improved Fitness Age is the last caller diagnostic arriving connected devices, besides moving down the scenes to springiness an estimation connected your existent fittingness level. In fact, Garmin says this is fundamentally conscionable a reworked mentation of VO2 Max successful bid to marque it much relatable to the wearer.

The effect is simply a overmuch little prohibitive figure, with users fixed an estimation of the body's fittingness property done an mentation of their existent age, enactment levels, resting bosom rate, BMI and assemblage abdominous percentage.

Garmin won't conscionable permission you hanging with a disappointing fittingness age, either, with suggestions connected however to little it (and truthful boost VO2 Max) besides included wrong the feature.

So, each successful all, these are immoderate tiny but affirmative improvements to Garmin's top-tier models. 

Given the information that these features thin to yet trickle down to the Forerunner, Approach and different mid-level models, too, it's besides encouraging quality for those who don't ain 1 of these existent compatible sports watches.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 17 August 2021.

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