Genesis GV60 takes electric crossovers into the realm of luxury

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(Pocket-lint) - Genesis has announced its archetypal electrical car based connected a dedicated electrical platform. The effect is the GV60, a crossover benignant vehicle.

The quality won't travel arsenic a surprise, considering that Hyundai has precocious shown disconnected the Ioniq 5 and Kia the EV6, with each these vehicles based connected the aforesaid platform.

Genesis has applied unsocial styling, truthful portion the signifier of these cars is akin - crossover style, truthful looking similar a pumped up hatchback - there's capable to acceptable them apart.

Some features are shared, similar the clamshell bonnet, which helps springiness a much seamless look with less assemblage lines towards the front.

Genesis has developed a sporty look for the GV60, with a rear spoiler connected the trailing edge, portion determination are pop-out doorway handles for a seamless and futuristic finish.

Sitting connected the E-GMP platform, 1 of the advantages of this assemblage benignant is plentiful interior space. Thanks to a level level and nary request for immoderate benignant of transmission passageway successful the interior, passengers tin expect to person plentifulness of abstraction considering the wide size of the exterior.

Genesis talks of having interior elements similar the centre console which look to float, portion there's plentifulness of luxury adornment connected the interior to springiness this car a lift.

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One cardinal diagnostic is the Crystal Sphere. This is not lone designed to springiness you thing much absorbing than a integrative dial, but tin besides lend to the ambient lighting system, portion moving arsenic the thrust selector.

There are immoderate similarities to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 connected the interior and that's nary atrocious happening - the Ioniq 5 is simply a refreshing and breathtaking electrical car and for those looking for thing a small much luxury from Genesis, the GV60 volition acceptable the bill.

Genesis hasn't revealed thing astir the powerfulness down the GV60, but we fishy it volition intimately bespeak that offered by Hyundai and Kia elsewhere.

That's apt to see a 73kWh battery, with 217PS azygous centrifugal and 305PS dual centrifugal options and charging astatine up to 350kW. We'd expect implicit 300 miles of range, but Genesis volition beryllium confirming each the specifics successful the adjacent future.

Deliveries are expected successful the US marketplace successful 2022.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 19 August 2021.

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