GOP Florida Mayor on DeSantis: He’s a Dictator Who Won’t Return my Calls

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Florida, close now, is experiencing a terrible COVID-19 surge. You wouldn’t cognize it, however, if you listened to Ron DeSantis. The politician is overmuch much acrophobic warring a civilization warfare past keeping his radical safe.

And radical successful the Sunshine authorities are suffering. And considering vaccine rates, it’s overmuch much apt to beryllium unvaccinated Republicans successful the infirmary than Democrats. But DeSantis has his heels dug in. For him, close now, it’s astir punishing radical who reason him than protecting those who enactment him.

Republican Mayor Carlos Hernandez remarked, “He’s a dictator. It’s a shame due to the fact that we’re paying the price.”

Fort Lauderdale’s Democratic Mayor Dean Trantalis, said, “Florida is simply a large state, and each country of the authorities has its ain challenges, truthful it’s hard for a one-size-fits each approach.”

And Democrat Rick Kriseman, who oversees St. Petersburg, explained, “I have ne'er spoken to Ron DeSantis. He’s ne'er called me, and the times I person tried to scope retired to him and speech to him, whether by telephone oregon erstwhile I was successful Tallahassee, I person ne'er been granted support oregon an accidental for an assemblage with him.”

DeSantis doesn’t look disquieted astir the criticism. Christina Pushaw, his property secretary said, “Since erstwhile bash dictators prioritize idiosyncratic rights implicit the unchecked enlargement of authorities power?”

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