Hallelujah! An overhauled HBO Max app that actually works might roll out soon

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(Pocket-lint) - Were you 1 of the millions who tried to ticker the bid finale of Mare of Easttown lone to beryllium incapable to get the HBO Max app to load oregon adjacent fto you play the episode? It was wholly unusable the full night, forcing fans to drawback the finale the adjacent day.

Everyone checking Twitter to corroborate @hbomax is down during #MareOfEasttown finale. pic.twitter.com/xG4Ml7094R

— Cat Williams (@dizzycatdesign) May 31, 2021

Unfortunately, this benignant of contented is simply a communal experience among users of HBO's streaming service. But that mightiness soon change.

The HBO Max astute TV apps volition beryllium wholly replaced with caller versions by aboriginal adjacent year, according to an anonymous WarnerMedia enforcement who spoke to Vulture and claimed the caller apps should onshore successful the "next 4 oregon 5 months". Roku and PlayStation owners volition person the overhauled apps archetypal successful precocious 2021, and past Apple TV users volition beryllium up adjacent earlier the extremity of the year.

Mobile and web viewers should get their caller HBO Max apps sometime successful aboriginal 2022. Hopefully, these apps won't person flaws specified arsenic crashing, breached playback controls, missing settings, and an wide inability to usage the app. Apparently, these superior issues stem from WarnerMedia rushing to motorboat HBO Max successful May. It didn't physique caller apps but alternatively conscionable repurposed HBO Go and HBO Now.

The work is present one of the astir fashionable streaming apps successful the US, however, and we fishy that precocious request is excessively overmuch for the apps to handle. WarnerMedia is supposedly readying to modernise the apps' underpinnings and springiness them country to grow.

There volition adjacent beryllium a much "sophisticated" interface update arsenic good arsenic caller and upgraded features, but don't expect a extremist plan change.


Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 16 August 2021.

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