Here's An Exclusive Look At Serial Cleaners' Tech-Savvy Vip3r

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Serial Cleaners is the upcoming sequel to 2017’s Serial Cleaner. Whereas successful the archetypal game, you played a azygous cleaner, arsenic successful a idiosyncratic paid to cleanable up transgression scenes, this clip you power 4 of them. It’s slated to get successful aboriginal 2022, and we person an exclusive trailer showing disconnected the youngest member of your crew. Meet Erin Reed, AKA Vip3r. 

The 4 cleaners are unsocial successful some property and skill-set. That said, Serial Cleaners remains a single-player experience, and you'll alternate betwixt characters to relieve grisly execution scenes of their evidence. The squad includes Bob C. Leaner, a well-rounded quality perfect for those who similar a sneaky, methodical approach. Lati is simply a nimble cleaner adept astatine limbing, jumping, and sliding retired of danger. Psycho Haldor “Hal” Boen takes a much in-your-face attack by knocking retired guards and slicing up dormant bodies utilizing his trusty chainsaw. Finally, there’s our miss Vip3r. 

Vip3r whitethorn not beryllium the most physically imposing subordinate of her squad of cleaners, but her precocious intellect and tech-savvy prowess marque up for it. She’s capable to hack into machine terminals and abbreviated circuit electrical devices crossed agelong distances, adding a high-tech borderline to a soiled profession. Get to cognize her by watching the trailer above. 

The archetypal crippled was each astir stealthily mopping up bloody floors and removing bodies portion avoiding guards and different hazards. Serial Cleaners ups the ante with much open-ended representation designs, non-linear storytelling implicit with dialog choices (and consequences). Serial Cleaners besides drops its mounting 20 years into the future, taking spot successful 1999 New York City connected New Year's Eve. 

Serial Cleaners comes to PC and unspecified consoles aboriginal adjacent year.

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