How do you transfer contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone?

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(Pocket-lint) - So you're swapping phones to an wholly caller platform. Easy enough, right? But what astir 1 of your astir prized information collections? What astir WhatsApp?

It's a elemental happening to suffer each your chats and information from WhatsApp erstwhile changing from an Android to iPhone. But with Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer, you don't person to suffer anything. This easy-to-use app volition person your chats moved implicit from your aged Android telephone onto your sparkling caller iPhone successful 3 speedy steps that'll person you wondering wherefore you were stressing successful the archetypal place.

It's particularly important since WhatsApp Business appeared. There's 1 happening losing chats with friends, but important concern conversations tin outgo money. Let's person a look into conscionable however iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer tin assistance you determination each that important info to your caller iPhone.

How bash you transportation your contacts?

There are a fig of ways to transportation your contacts. Some of them usage email chats, portion different usage the WhatsApp backup feature, and there's besides an app by Apple for this. Lastly, there's iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer, perchance the simplest method available.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp messages via email chat

First up is simply a elemental method that uses your trusty email to transportation your conversations. Best yet, you tin bash astir of it done Whatsapp. You simply spell into your 'Settings' successful the app, past 'Chats', 'Chat history', past 'Export chat'. From here, you prime the chat you privation to transportation and whether you privation it with oregon without the media attachments.

You volition beryllium prompted to take which sharing method you'd similar to usage and past it'll beryllium sent off. You'll privation to person WhatsApp unfastened connected your caller telephone arsenic good to nonstop it consecutive to it. The contented with this method is two-fold. Firstly, you tin lone nonstop 1 chat astatine a time. And secondly, you tin lone nonstop up to 30 media attachments per chat, which is rather limiting.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp messages via WhatApp backup

This adjacent method is the simplest 1 available. It uses WhatsApp's backup diagnostic to store a transcript of your chats to Google Drive. You tin entree these erstwhile you power phones and instal them onto your caller phone.

But there's 1 large drawback. You can't really transportation from Android to iPhone this way. You tin easy transportation from 1 Android telephone to another, but not to an iPhone. So, this isn't rather an enactment erstwhile swapping operating systems.

Method 3: Move WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone utilizing Move to iOS


How bash  you transportation  contacts fron an Android telephone  to an iPhone? photograph  4

Apple has it's ain app to usage to determination your contents from Android to iOS. It's called Move to iOS and it's disposable connected the Google Play store. This allows you to transportation astir of the contents from your Android telephone onto your iPhone. It's not optimised to transportation each your chats from WhatsApp, however.

Method 4: Transfer WhatsApp messages utilizing iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer

Perhaps the champion method for transferring WhatsApp chats from an Android telephone to an iPhone is done iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer. It's a elemental to usage app that guides you done an casual process to guarantee you don't suffer immoderate chats.

Step 1


How bash  you transportation  contacts fron an Android telephone  to an iPhone? photograph  3

The process couldn't beryllium simpler. After downloading iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer to your computer, unfastened the app. Then link some your Android telephone and iPhone to your computer. Next, click 'Transfer'.

Step 2


How bash  you transportation  contacts fron an Android telephone  to an iPhone? photograph  2

It volition inquire you to verify the people device, which means you request to adhd your device's telephone number. This isn't unusual, arsenic WhatsApp runs disconnected of your telephone fig arsenic your relationship number. Then click 'Verfify'.

Step 3


How bash  you transportation  contacts fron an Android telephone  to an iPhone? photograph  1

Lastly, it's conscionable astir making definite you've logged onto WhatsApp connected your caller telephone to marque definite that the backed up information tin beryllium successfully transferred over. It's arsenic elemental arsenic that.


There whitethorn beryllium immoderate different methods to transportation information betwixt an aged Android telephone and an iPhone, but sometimes you request a circumstantial instrumentality to get the occupation done right. In this case, it's iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer. 

Just similar galore of the champion tools, it does travel astatine a price, though not unreasonable. For a 1 period license, it comes successful astatine $24.95, which covers the usage of a azygous Mac machine and 5 devices. For a twelvemonth license, it's $59.95 for the aforesaid fig of devices. But if you're looking for a beingness license, past it's lone $10 much astatine $69.95.

Head implicit to Tenorshare to support each your memories from WhatsApp.

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