How to delete spam SMS messages and add new blocked numbers on Android

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If you're looking to wide retired aged spam and blocked SMS messages from Android, Jack Wallen is present to amusement you how.

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Android does a large occupation of handling incoming spam SMS messages. But determination are 2 things you mightiness find you're having to manually do. The archetypal is deleting spam SMS messages. Given the changeless deluge of spam that floods our assorted inboxes, those messages tin adhd up. You surely don't privation to let your instrumentality to capable up with blocked spam messages. 

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The 2nd happening you mightiness find yourself needing to bash is adding blocked numbers manually. Android does a beauteous bully occupation of catching and blocking spam numbers, but it's not 100% each time.

So, however bash you delete those messages and adhd caller blocked numbers? I'm going to amusement you how.

What you'll need

The archetypal happening you'll request is simply a instrumentality moving Android. It should astatine slightest beryllium moving Android 10, but Android 11 would beryllium better. You'll besides request to person collected immoderate spam SMS messages. If you person yet to person that archetypal spam message, number yourself fortunate and conscionable catalog this accusation for that inevitable time erstwhile the spam starts flooding in.

How to delete SMS spam

The archetypal happening we're going to bash is delete immoderate of those spam SMS messages you've collected. It's a precise elemental process, but tin beryllium tedious (as there's inactive nary select-all option—Google, are you listening?). 

To delete your spam messages, unfastened the Messages app. From the main window, pat the paper fastener and past pat Spam & Blocked (Figure A).

Figure A


The Messages paper is accessed from the exertion main window.

In the Spam & Blocked model (Figure B), you'll person to manually pat each azygous connection you privation to delete. 

Figure B


All of the Spam & Blocked SMS messages are collected here.

The instrumentality to selecting the messages is that you person to long-press 1 of the messages archetypal to prime it. Once you've selected that archetypal message, you tin past spell done the database and single-tap each 1 to select. After selecting each of the messages to beryllium deleted, pat the trash tin successful the apical close to delete the messages (Figure C).

Figure C


Deleting selected Spam & Blocked SMS messages connected Android.

After tapping the trashcan, you volition beryllium prompted to corroborate the delete. Tap Delete and the messages volition vanish from your Messages Spam & Blocked folder.

How to manually adhd a telephone fig to Spam & Blocked

Now, we're going to manually adhd a caller telephone fig to the Spam & Blocked list. From the aforesaid screen, pat the paper fastener and past pat Blocked contacts. In the resulting model (Figure D), pat Add a Number.

Figure D


Adding a caller fig to the Messages blocked list.

Type the fig to beryllium added and pat Block (Figure E).

Figure E


You're astir finished adding the caller blocked number.

And that's it, you've conscionable added a caller fig to the Android Messages blocked numbers list. You won't ever person to interest astir receiving SMS messages from that fig again.

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