How to install Windows 11 on a Mac

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With Parallels Desktop 17, you tin tally Windows 11 connected Intel-based and M1-based Macs, though an M1 Mac volition enactment lone the ARM-based mentation of Windows 11.


You privation to instrumentality the Windows 11 Insider preview for a trial drive, but you'd similar to tally it connected your Mac truthful that you tin easy bounce betwixt Windows and macOS. That process is trickier and much progressive than installing Windows 11 connected a PC, but it is doable with the close software, specifically Parallels Desktop 17.

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Using the latest mentation of the fashionable Parallels Desktop application, you tin instal the x86 mentation of Windows 11 connected an Intel-based Mac without overmuch fuss. The caller Macs powered by Apple's M1 spot are much finicky arsenic they tin grip lone ARM-based versions of Windows. But you tin marque this enactment via Microsoft's caller Insider physique for Windows 11 for ARM.

Windows 11 runs arsenic a virtual instrumentality wrong Parallels Desktop, akin to the mode it would tally nether a Windows VM application, specified arsenic VMware Workstation oregon Oracle VM VirtualBox. You volition request a merchandise cardinal for Windows to activate it wrong Parallels Desktop.

Parallels Desktop 17 costs $80 for the modular edition, $100 a twelvemonth for the Pro Edition and $100 a twelvemonth for the Business Edition. People upgrading from a erstwhile mentation tin snag the Standard Edition for $50 and the Pro Edition for $50 a year. But anyone tin cheque retired Parallels Desktop for escaped done a full-featured 14-day trial.

How to instal Windows 11 connected an Intel-based Mac

On an Intel-based Mac, download and instal the proceedings mentation oregon 1 of the paid editions of Parallels Desktop 17 connected your Mac. Follow the installation steps. At the extremity of the installation, the bundle asks if you privation to instal Windows 10 (Figure A).

Figure A


At this point, you person 2 options. You tin let Parallels Desktop to instal Windows 10 automatically and past upgrade to Windows 11 by choosing the Dev oregon Beta channels via the Windows Insider program. Alternatively, you tin skip the automated process to instal Windows 10 and alternatively instal Windows 11 straight from Microsoft's ISO file. Let's spell with the archetypal option.

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Follow the steps to let Windows 10 to install. After the installation, motion successful with a Parallels account. Windows 10 opens arsenic a virtual instrumentality wrong Parallels Desktop. In Windows 10, spell to Settings and past Update & Security. Select the mounting for Windows Insider Program. Click the Get Started button. Link to an relationship already registered with the Insider program, either a Microsoft relationship oregon an relationship with your organization. At the surface to prime your settings, take either the Dev transmission oregon the Beta transmission to upgrade to Windows 11.

The Dev transmission is little unchangeable and contains the latest updates, adjacent beyond those slated for Windows 11 erstwhile it debuts successful October. The Beta transmission is much unchangeable and contains lone the updates scheduled for the upcoming merchandise of Windows 11. Choose your preferred transmission and click Confirm (Figure B).

Figure B


Click Confirm again and past click Restart Now to reboot your Windows VM. After you footwear backmost into Windows 10, spell to Settings and past Update & Security. Check for the disposable updates. You should spot an update for Windows 11 Insider Preview. Allow that and immoderate different updates to instal and past click Restart present to reboot your Windows VM (Figure C).

Figure C


After the VM reboots, Windows 11 should appear. Sign successful to statesman utilizing the caller version.

How to instal Windows 11 connected an M1-based Mac

On an M1-based Mac, you archetypal request to download the ARM-based mentation of Windows 11. For that, spell to the Windows 11 connected ARM Insider Preview webpage and motion successful with the relationship you usage for the Windows Insider program. Even though the record itself is labeled Windows 10, the mentation you download volition beryllium for Windows 11. Microsoft nary longer seems to connection an Insider preview download for Windows 10 connected ARM.

Click the fastener for Windows Client ARM64 Insider Preview and let the Windows VHDX record to spell into your Mac's Downloads folder (Figure D).

Figure D


Next, download and instal Parallels Desktop if you don't already person it. At the extremity of the installation, the programme tells you that you request an installation representation with an ARM-based operating system. Click the nexus for "How to download Windows 10 connected ARM Insider Preview" for documentation and a video that explicate the process. Return to the installation and click Continue. At the Create New screen, click the fastener for "Install Windows oregon different OS from a DVD oregon representation file." Click Continue (Figure E).

Figure E


At the surface for Select Installation Image, click the fastener for Find Automatically. Parallels Desktop should find the downloaded Windows 11 VHDX. If not, click the fastener for Choose Manually to browse to the record and prime it. After the VHDX record appears, click Continue (Figure F).

Figure F


Choose Productivity astatine the surface for "I volition chiefly usage Windows for." Click Continue. At the adjacent screen, participate Windows 11 arsenic the name. Leave the destination way arsenic the default. But cheque the container for Customize settings earlier installation. Click Create (Figure G).

Figure G


Parallels starts to make the virtual instrumentality for Windows 11. The Windows configuration surface past appears. Click the class for Hardware and prime CPU and memory. Click the fastener for Manual. Make definite that astatine slightest 4 CPUs are selected and past alteration the representation to 4GB (Figure H).

Figure H


Next, click the + motion astatine the bottommost of the near pane and prime the enactment for TPM spot (Figure I).

Figure I


Click the Add fastener successful effect to the connection asking if you're definite you privation to adhd TPM to Windows 11. An introduction for the TPM spot past shows up astatine the bottom. Close the configuration model and click Continue.

After the installation finishes, click the Installation Complete window. Sign into your Parallels relationship oregon make 1 if you don't person it. Windows 11 is present acceptable for you to use.

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I did tally into 1 hiccup successful my testing. When I tried to adhd the Windows 11 VM to Microsoft's Insider program, Windows told maine that my PC did not conscionable the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. But I was inactive capable to afloat usage Windows 11.

How to usage Windows 11 successful Parallels Desktop

By moving oregon shrinking the Windows 11 VM window, you tin entree your Mac desktop and applications. You tin besides tally your Windows 11 VM successful antithetic modes and sizes. In Parallels Desktop, click the View paper to spot the disposable options. Full surface uses the full surface for Windows 11. Picture successful Picture reduces it to a tiny thumbnail image. Coherence mode puts a Windows 11 icon connected the Dock wherever you tin entree the Start paper and tally Windows apps alongside Mac apps (Figure J).

Figure J


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