How to sync Android to Zorin OS 16

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Jack Wallen walks you done the process of connecting Zorin OS to Android for casual record sharing, SMS absorption and more.



My 2 superior operating systems are Linux for desktop and Android for mobile. I beryllium connected some of them to assistance support maine productive. But 1 happening I've lacked is the quality of the 2 to pass with 1 different successful a mode that helps productivity along. So erstwhile I reviewed the latest merchandise from the developers of Zorin OS (read "Zorin OS 16 is precisely what a Linux desktop organisation should be"), I was blown distant by however simply they'd made the transportation betwixt Linux and Android. Once connected you tin stock files betwixt OSes, negociate your SMS messages and much (the 1 happening I privation they'd adhd is the quality to sync contacts). 

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Of course, I recognize different desktop environments person pulled disconnected this feat before. In fact, KDE Connect makes it imaginable for you to sync Linux and Android from some the KDE and GNOME desktop environments. But what Zorin OS has done is instrumentality this a measurement further toward user-friendliness. With Zorin Connect, syncing your Linux and Android devices has go incredibly simple.

Let maine amusement you how. 

I'll beryllium demonstrating connected Zorin OS Pro and Android 12 (running connected a Pixel device). 

How to instal the Android app

The archetypal happening you indispensable bash is instal the Zorin Connect Android app from the Google Play Store. Install that app with the pursuing steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store connected your Android device.
  2. Searching for Zorin Connect.
  3. Tap Install. 

That's it. Open the app, and let's caput implicit to the desktop.

How to brace Android and Zorin OS

From your Zorin OS desktop menu, hunt for Zorin Connect. Once opened, locomotion done the wizard until you onshore connected the leafage that lists your instrumentality (Figure A).

Figure A


My Pixel 5 is disposable to Zorin OS.

Tap the listing for your Android phone. Back connected your Android device, you should spot your desktop listed (Figure B).

Figure B


Zorinpro is the desktop I'm looking to link with.

On Android, pat the introduction for your desktop and past pat REQUEST PAIRING. When prompted connected the desktop, click Accept (Figure C).

Figure C


Accepting the transportation petition from the desktop. 

Make definite to besides pat Pair (when prompted) connected your Android device. You volition past spot the assorted options you person for Zorin Connect (Figure D).

Figure D


We're present connected and we tin stock things betwixt the desktop and the mobile device.

If you click the Zorin Connect icon successful your desktop strategy tray, you'll spot the introduction for your device. Click that introduction to uncover the assorted actions you tin instrumentality (Figure E).

Figure E


Everything we tin bash with Zorin Connect from the desktop.

How to hole the retention determination mistake aft installing Zorin OS

You volition person a retention determination mistake connected the desktop. This is due to the fact that you've not made immoderate section retention directories disposable from Android. Until you instrumentality attraction of this, you cannot stock files betwixt devices. To hole this, scroll down to the bottommost of the Android Zorin Connect configuration leafage for your connected instrumentality and pat Filesystem expose.

When prompted, pat OK for Filesystem exposure and past pat Add retention determination (Figure F).

Figure F


Adding a retention determination for Zorin Connect connected Android.

Tap Storage location/click to select. Locate the directory connected your Android instrumentality you privation to exposure to Zorin Connect, and pat the directory successful question. When prompted, pat Use this folder (Figure H) and past pat Allow and OK.

Figure H


Adding the Documents folder connected Android arsenic a shared transportation to Zorin OS.

And that's it. You're acceptable to commencement syncing your Android instrumentality with your Zorin OS desktop. Enjoy.

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