How to use Siri in macOS Big Sur

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Here are the steps for enabling and utilizing the Siri dependable adjunct connected your Mac, conscionable similar you bash connected your iPhone oregon iPad.


Beyond utilizing Siri connected an iPhone oregon iPad, you tin enactment with the dependable adjunct connected a Mac with Big Sur. Siri's basal functionality is the aforesaid connected a Mac arsenic connected a mobile device. But the steps for mounting it up and customizing it disagree slightly, mostly due to the fact that of the differences betwixt the operating systems.

You tin tweak Siri to take your language, portion and voice. Once Siri is enabled, you activate it by your voice, by an icon oregon by a keyboard shortcut. Here's however to get Siri moving the mode you privation connected your Mac.

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Click the Apple icon and prime System Preferences. In the System Preferences window, click the icon for Siri (Figure A).

Figure A


Assuming Siri hasn't already been enabled, cheque the container for Enable Ask Siri. Click the Enable fastener erstwhile asked for confirmation that you privation to alteration Siri (Figure B).

Figure B


To beryllium capable to entree Siri by voice, cheque the container for Listen for "Hey Siri." Siri volition present inquire you to repetition a fewer phrases to amended recognize your dependable and mode of speaking. At the archetypal surface for Set Up "Hey Siri," click Continue and past repetition each displayed phrase. Click Done astatine the surface telling you that "Hey Siri" is acceptable (Figure C).

Figure C


To inactive usage Siri erstwhile your Mac is locked, cheque the container for Allow Siri erstwhile locked. Next, you tin trigger Siri done a keyboard shortcut. By default, pressing the dictation cardinal (typically F5) connected your Mac activates Siri, but you tin alteration this. To bash so, click the dropdown paper for Keyboard Shortcut and power it to the shortcut of your choice. Click Customize to make a shortcut not listed successful the paper (Figure D).

Figure D


Click the dropdown paper for connection and displacement to a antithetic connection for Siri if you wish. Then click the paper for Voice Variety. Depending connected your language, you tin take a circumstantial portion to springiness Siri's dependable a definite accent. For example, selecting English (United States) arsenic your connection offers Australian, British, Irish, South African, Indian and American voices.

After choosing a voice, Siri speaks to you successful that dependable truthful you tin determine if you privation to support it. Depending connected the dependable assortment you select, a fewer circumstantial numbered voices look below. Click each numbered dependable to perceive however it sounds and take your preferred dependable (Figure E).

Figure E


By default, Siri answers you with a spoken response. But if you'd alternatively Siri not speak, uncheck the container for Voice Feedback. In that case, the effect volition look lone successful the Siri window.

And if you're acrophobic astir Apple retaining your conversations with Siri, click the enactment for Delete Siri & Dictation History, and click Delete to corroborate your enactment (Figure F).

Figure F


Close the Siri System Preferences window. You tin present activate Siri 3 antithetic ways. By voice, accidental "Hey Siri," followed by your circumstantial question oregon request. By shortcut, property the keyboard shortcut you acceptable up successful System Preferences and past talk your question oregon request. By icon, click the Siri icon connected the paper barroom and past talk your petition (Figure G).

Figure G


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