Hurricane Nicholas Path: Where the Storm Goes Next

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U.S.|After making landfall, Nicholas volition bring dense rains and beardown winds for days.

Cyclist made their mode   successful  the rainfall  successful  Bay City, Texas, connected  Monday arsenic  Nicholas approached.
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Azi Paybarah

  • Sept. 14, 2021Updated 6:16 a.m. ET

As Hurricane Nicholas came ashore aboriginal Tuesday morning, forecasters warned the tempest could bring “life-threatening flash floods” crossed the Deep South implicit the adjacent fewer days.

Nicholas, present a tropical storm, could nutrient unsafe flash flooding in parts of precocious Texas’s coastal area, Louisiana, confederate Mississippi and confederate Alabama, the National Hurricane Center said aboriginal Tuesday morning.

The tempest is expected to bring beardown winds and dense rains to parts of Texas and Louisiana for respective days arsenic it moves on the Gulf Coast, including arsenic overmuch arsenic 20 inches of rainfall successful parts of cardinal and confederate Louisiana, which are inactive recovering from Hurricane Ida past month, the halfway said. It besides warned of the anticipation of tornadoes on the precocious Texas and southwest Louisiana seashore connected Tuesday.

The tempest has already battered parts of coastal Texas, knocking retired powerfulness to hundreds of thousands of customers, aft it made landfall aboriginal Tuesday arsenic a Category 1 hurricane and moved toward Houston.

The hurricane halfway warned of the imaginable for a unsafe tempest surge arsenic Nicholas moves on the Gulf Coast connected Tuesday, with h2o reaching up to 5 feet supra ground, from Sargent to High Island successful Texas, and up to 4 feet supra ground, from High Island to Rutherford Beach, successful Louisiana.

Other parts of Texas whitethorn spot h2o up to 3 feet supra ground, including Aransas, San Antonio and Matagorda Bays, arsenic good arsenic Intracoastal City, successful Louisiana.

Though it volition weaken arsenic it moves implicit onshore successful the coming days, the tempest is inactive expected to bring hurricane-strength winds and driving rains, according to the hurricane center.

In southwest Louisiana, galore homes are still covered successful bluish tarps aft Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc determination successful 2020. Overall, much than 52,000 authorities residents person requested escaped installation of durable tarps done Blue Roof, a programme funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The installations are performed oregon overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The programme is conscionable ramping up, but Col. Zachary L. Miller of the corps’s Ida betterment ngo said helium had hoped to connect each impermanent roofs wrong 60 days.

Now, helium said, Nicholas whitethorn hold workers’ efforts. “We recognize the consciousness of urgency homeowners feel,” helium said. “And we besides recognize much rainfall tin mean much damage.”

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