'I Just Killed My Dad' is Netflix's latest true-crime series not to watch with the whole family

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(CNN)As titles not to ticker with the kids go, "I Just Killed My Dad" has to fertile beauteous precocious connected the list. Yet determination are capable twists successful Netflix's latest true-crime docuseries to support audiences engaged, with different sensational lawsuit that's much of a whydunit -- fixed the killer's contiguous confession -- than who.

The operation successful the rubric was uttered successful 2019 by then-17-year-old Anthony Templet, who had conscionable changeable his begetter successful their location successful Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Over 3 episodes, manager Skye Borgman (also liable for Netflix's "Girl In The Picture") teases retired the events that preceded those actions, including allegations of maltreatment and kid abduction, arsenic good arsenic the determination by Anthony's father, Burt, to location schoolhouse him and request that helium cognize the boy's whereabouts astatine each times.

    "I Just Killed My Dad" frankincense gradually peels backmost layers connected this sordid saga -- "sordid" being the operative connection for astir everything that Netflix does successful the true-crime space, including its caller entries "The Most Hated Man connected the Internet" and "Our Father."

      What makes it each vaguely chilling is Anthony's numb, unemotional effect -- seemingly convinced helium hasn't done thing incorrect -- and his wide manner, which indicates that not each has been close wrong the home.

        After the archetypal flurry of twists, the communicative does bog down successful the middle, giving mode to Anthony's lawyer and the authoritative successful the lawsuit trying to find a way that feels similar justness fixed each the extenuating circumstances. As the second notes, there's understandable interest astir appearing to authorisation murder, and however letting the lad spell mightiness beryllium perceived. (The lawsuit was resolved successful 2021, but not knowing however adds to the viewing experience.)

        Frankly, "I Just Killed My Dad" seems to beryllium mostly due to the fact that of that attention-getting title, which weds old-fashioned exploitation movies with the fare usually recovered connected channels similar Investigation Discovery.

          Netflix has gone a spot overboard with these benignant of docuseries successful presumption of sheer volume, but to beryllium fair, truthful has everyone else. Moreover, these projects reliably airy up societal media for a batch little wealth than going retired and hiring an all-star cast.

            While thing similar "I Just Killed My Dad" mightiness not beryllium the benignant of worldly that's amusive for the full family, it's the benignant of look that usually ensures a travel close to the apical of the service's most-watched tier.

            "I Just Killed My Dad" premieres Aug. 9 connected Netflix.

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