Investigators looking into dispute between Britney Spears and her employee

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(CNN)Britney Spears has been accused of artillery by an worker pursuing a quality successful the singer's California location connected Monday, a spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff's Department told CNN.

The unit subordinate alleges they were struck by Spears, according to investigators who are inactive looking into the incident.

"This is overblown sensational tabloid fodder -- thing much than a fabricated 'he said she said' regarding a compartment phone, with nary striking and evidently nary wounded whatsoever," Mathew Rosengart, lawyer for Spears, said successful a connection to CNN. "Anyone tin marque an accusation, but this should person been closed immediately. "

    The Sherrif's Department spokesperson said the bureau expects to reason their probe this week. They volition past manus disconnected their study to the Ventura County District Attorney to find if a imaginable misdemeanor artillery complaint is warranted.

      Spears is presently engaged successful a lengthy ineligible conflict to extremity the court-ordered conservatorship she has been surviving nether for 13 years.

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