IonQ and University of Maryland plan Q-Lab for hands-on quantum computing research

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UMD makes a $20 cardinal concern successful a laboratory that volition see trapped-ion hardware and entree to IonQ's scientists and engineers.

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IonQ is honoring its probe roots by establishing a caller quantum computing laboratory astatine the University of Maryland, College Park. National Quantum Lab astatine Maryland (Q-Lab) volition beryllium the archetypal installation successful the U.S. wherever scientists volition person hands-on entree to a commercial-grade quantum computer, according to the university. The assemblage is making a $20 cardinal concern to unfastened the lab.

University of Maryland President Darryll J. Pines said successful a property merchandise that the assemblage is excited to found this strategical concern and to "further solidify UMD and the surrounding portion arsenic the Quantum Capital of the world."

"No different assemblage successful the United States is capable to supply students and researchers this level of hands-on interaction with commercial-grade quantum computing technology," helium said. 

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The laboratory is portion of the university's $300 cardinal concern successful quantum science, which includes much than 200 researchers studying the taxable and 7 centers, including the caller Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation. The National Science Foundation awarded $25 cardinal to the assemblage this period to motorboat the center. Researchers volition make theoretical concepts, plan innovative hardware and supply acquisition and grooming for caller simulation devices that tin foretell and recognize quantum phenomena. 

The laboratory volition beryllium successful the UMD Discovery District, adjacent to IonQ's office successful College Park. The assemblage expects the Q-Lab to "democratize entree to this innovative technology, make caller intelligence spot and pull planetary technological and engineering talent."  It volition articulation the existing Quantum Startup Foundry and the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance arsenic "another inducement for entrepreneurs and startups to bring their businesses to College Park" and adhd to the area's backstage assemblage ecosystem, according to the university. 

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Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim founded IonQ successful 2015 with $2 cardinal successful effect backing from New Enterprise Associates and a licence to halfway exertion from the University of Maryland and Duke University. Kim and Monroe wanted to instrumentality trapped ion quantum computing retired of the laboratory and onto the market. The institution plans to make modular quantum computers tiny capable to beryllium networked unneurotic by 2023.

Instead of going the IPO way arsenic galore caller companies do, IonQ is merging with dMY Technology Group III, a special-purpose acquisition company. The woody includes a PIPE investment from Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC, Silver Lake, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, MSD Partners, L.P., Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation.

There are much than 40,000 students,10,000 module and staff, and 300 world programs astatine the University of Maryland, College Park. Faculty members see 2 Nobel laureates, 4 Pulitzer Prize winners and 59 members of the nationalist academies. The instauration has a $2.2 cardinal operating fund and secures much than $1 cardinal annually successful probe backing unneurotic with the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 

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