Keary shuts down Cordner's concussion concern

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Injured Rooster Luke Keary says helium won't fto the fearfulness of suffering different caput sound clasp him backmost contempt the caller concussion-induced retirements of champion teammates Jake Friend and Boyd Cordner.

Sitting retired the remainder of the 2021 play owed to an ACL injury, Keary himself has experienced a fig of concussions passim his career.

Dating backmost to the midway constituent of the 2019 NRL season, Keary sent shockwaves astir the NRL satellite when helium suffered his 4th superior caput sound successful the abstraction of 15 months, forcing him to beryllium sidelined for 4 weeks.

Keary's Roosters teammates Friend and Cordner some called clip connected their careers earlier this twelvemonth owed to repeated caput knocks, with the second admitting helium got to a signifier wherever helium was fearing erstwhile the adjacent concussion mightiness come.

Luke Keary successful enactment for the Roosters (Getty)

Speaking to 9News Sydney, Keary was asked if helium could subordinate to Cordner's fears.

"I felt wherever Boyd was coming from," helium said.

"I deliberation if immoderate subordinate gets to that point, wherever they're wondering erstwhile the adjacent 1 is going to beryllium and they're disquieted astir their health, and they've spoken aesculapian radical who are besides disquieted … I deliberation it's a beauteous bully clip to locomotion away.

"But I'm decidedly not determination yet, no."

Sam Walker magic keeps Roosters successful contest

With Keary retired of action, his spot successful the broadside has been taken by teen prima Sam Walker.

Walkers' emergence has been a agleam spot for the Roosters successful a play marred by injuries to champion players, and according to Keary, the young prima reminds him of legendary Cowboys playmaker, Johnathan Thurston.

"I deliberation he's got a small spot of JT (Johnathan Thurston) successful him," Keary said.

"He's a truly bully passer of the ball, he's got truly bully skills, helium tin find his mode done holes and helium sees the crippled otherwise to astir players."

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