Legend rips Aussie stars amid Langer hysteria

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Former Australian opener Matthew Hayden has launched a spectacular defence of his ex-teammate Justin Langer, pointing the digit astatine Australia's existent roster and Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley.

Hayden and Langer were astatine the forefront of Australia's dynastic teams passim the 2000s and the Queenslander erstwhile again went successful to bat for his aged opening spouse amid rising speculation surrounding his aboriginal arsenic Australia's men's coach.

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In a wide-ranging 24-minute interrogation connected SEN's The Sporting Capital, Hayden pleaded for the Australian campy to persist with Langer for a assortment of reasons.

The 49-year-old suggested that the Australian manager had been hard done by owed to not having immoderate of his astir experienced campaigners connected manus connected the team's caller losing tours to the West Indies and Bangladesh.

"I enactment the question to our existent CEO [Hockley] who is present besides from the Ivory Tower making claims astir however the IPL is going to beryllium fantastic mentation for the T20 World Cup," helium said.

Hayden launched a stinging defence of his large mate Justin Langer's coaching credentials (Getty)

"He has to beryllium accountable to wherever helium needs to beryllium and wherever players request to be. When they take the World Cup squad and 7 of those players aren't connected the existent circuit and we're starting to justice Justin Langer connected the show of the team.

"If you haven't got 7 assets to your squad immoderate organisation crumbles. I've got to accidental it's truly frustrating me."

Hayden besides pointed the digit astatine the existent harvest of Australian players, seemingly suggesting they hadn't bought into a team-first ethos similar their predecessors.

"Leaky voices, the challenging and disrespect, and cherry-picking tournaments and breaking concern rules and each that stuff, they're each withdrawals from your culture," helium said.

"The 1 happening you person to bash successful a partnership, it's springiness and take, but you person to adhd value.

Hayden questioned the merits of immoderate of Australia's biggest stars picking the IPL implicit the nationalist squad (Getty)

"So, however are you adding worth by not buying into the squad civilization oregon challenging the squad culture? See, I don't recognize that. It's not agelong until you go morally bankrupt, you person to contribute."

"Even this facetious treatment among elder players astir deciding Justin Langer's future," helium added.

"What astir gathering astir the information that you're No.3 successful Test cricket, No.3 successful the ODI rankings and No.6 successful T20 rankings?

"Waste much vigor and clip reasoning astir that than really discussing a bloke who's a fable of the crippled and besides is truthful passionate astir Australian cricket."

Hayden rubbished immoderate concerns implicit Langer's quality and integrity, erstwhile again pointing the digit squarely astatine Hockley, who voiced his enactment for the embattled manager this week.

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley was besides singled retired for immoderate pointed disapproval from Hayden (Getty)

"I person to accidental this 'loose lips descend ships' benignant of mentality is really, truly frustrating," helium said.

"A batch of the contented coming retired astir this is downright disrespectful to a bloke that's played implicit 100 Test matches, lone 1 successful 13 players person done that. I've seen him successful the astir utmost conditions of all-time and helium is unbreakable.

"So, the CEO of Cricket Australia, cautiously perceive to the information that this bloke has got quality personified and plus, and helium is simply a antheral who has to permission his woman and 4 kids to spell disconnected to enactment and perceive to immoderate of the rubbish that's getting spoken."

While questions person been raised implicit Langer's sometimes abrasive personality, Hayden urged him to treble down and to transmission erstwhile Australian skipper Allan Border.

Hayden says Langer indispensable double-down and stay pugnacious if helium is to usher Australia to harmless waters (Getty)

"I deliberation JL, if anything, needs to get little zen-like and resistance radical to accountability, not excessively dissimilar to absorption governments, due to the fact that I deliberation he's got a combat connected his hands with Jolimont Street and however it is that they're controlling their assets," helium said.

"If you can't get your champion squad connected the park, however is it that I'm going to justice you? If I was the CEO, however americium I going to justice Justin Langer if helium hasn't got his champion assets? It doesn't marque sense.

"If anything, I'd similar him to get little zen-like and transmission Allan Border. He's lone three-foot, but there's not anyone successful the satellite that would situation AB.

"Leave him alone, fto him bash his occupation and for God's involvement perceive to what he's saying. If you don't perceive to him, you're going to person the aforesaid effect and you're going to person to perceive to idiosyncratic other who's saying fundamentally the aforesaid happening until you get the message."

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