LIVE: Bulldogs slam 'comical' SA restrictions

2 weeks ago 7
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Western Bulldogs manager Luke Beveridge hasn't been impressed by the mode his squad has been treated since arriving successful South Australia, taking purpose astatine the state's rigid COVID-19 protocols.

Beveridge was not impressed aft the Bulldogs were denied the quality person their last grooming league of the week successful the lead-up to tonight's preliminary final.

"Usually what we bash is we onshore and spell and person our past grooming session," helium told reporters connected Friday morning.

"The South Australian [Chief Health Officer] hasn't allowed america to bash that today, which isn't perfect fixed we've had a three-hour formation to South Australia and we're not allowed to agelong our legs and get moving again.

"After we get tested tonight, that'll beryllium our 14th COVID trial successful 25 days.

"It's a existent unusual one, but we determination connected and we hole highly good for what's going to beryllium a truly breathtaking crippled connected Saturday night

"We conscionable woody with it comically. The pandemic is serious, we cognize that, but this is unreasonable.

"So each you tin bash is laughter astatine it … you've conscionable got to fto that wry grin look connected your look and person a small spot of a chuckle, and our players volition bash that."

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