Maker of Popular Covid Test Told Factory to Destroy Inventory

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One of the starring producers of accelerated tests purged supplies and laid disconnected workers arsenic income dwindled. Weeks later, the U.S. is facing a surge successful infections with diminished capacity.

 Abbott Laboratories’ mill  successful  Westbrook, Me., a large   supplier of coronavirus tests.
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Sheri Fink

Aug. 20, 2021, 2:40 p.m. ET

For weeks successful June and July, workers astatine a Maine mill making 1 of America’s astir fashionable accelerated tests for Covid-19 were fixed a task that shocked them: instrumentality isolated millions of the products they had worked truthful hard to make and worldly them into garbage bags.

Soon afterward, Andy Wilkinson, a tract manager for Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer, stood earlier rows of employees to denote layoffs. The institution canceled contracts with suppliers and shuttered the lone different works making the test, successful Illinois, dismissing a enactment unit of 2,000. “The numbers are going down,” helium told the workers of the request for testing. “This is each astir money.”

As microorganism cases successful the U.S. plummeted this spring, truthful did Abbott’s Covid-testing sales. But now, amid a caller surge successful infections, steps the institution took to destruct banal and upwind down manufacturing are proving untimely — hobbling efforts to grow screening arsenic the highly contagious Delta strain rages crossed the country.

Demand for the 15-minute antigen test, BinaxNOW, is soaring again arsenic radical instrumentality to schools and offices. Yet Abbott has reportedly told thousands of recently funny companies that it cannot equip their investigating programs successful the adjacent future. CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens locations person been selling retired of the at-home version, and Amazon shows shipping delays of up to 3 weeks. Abbott is scrambling to prosecute backmost hundreds of workers.

America was notoriously dilatory successful rolling retired investigating successful the aboriginal days of the pandemic, and the communicative of the Abbott tests is simply a microcosm of the larger challenges of ensuring that the backstage assemblage tin present the tools needed to combat nationalist wellness crises, some earlier they hap and during the twists and turns of an existent event.


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“Businesses crave certainty, and pandemics don’t lend certainty to demand,” said Stephen S. Tang, main enforcement of OraSure Technologies, which successful the midst of the investigating slump successful June received exigency F.D.A. authorization for its ain accelerated test, InteliSwab, agelong successful development. But the institution is not yet supplying retail stores.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sean Parsons, main enforcement of Ellume, the Australian shaper of a rival accelerated test, said this week that request was 1,000 times greater than forecast and the institution was racing to acceptable up a U.S. plant.

Abbott’s decisions person ramifications adjacent beyond the United States. Employees successful Maine, galore of them immigrants from African countries, were upset astatine having to discard what mightiness person been donated. Other countries astir apt could person utilized the materials, according to Dr. Sergio Carmona, main aesculapian serviceman of FIND, a nonprofit that promotes entree to diagnostics.

“This makes maine consciousness sick,” helium said of the destruction, noting that much than a twelve African nations person nary home funds to bargain Covid tests.

In an interview, Robert B. Ford, Abbott’s main executive, argued that the discarded materials — finished trial cards — should not beryllium viewed arsenic tests. Kits for merchantability besides see swabs, liquid buffer and instructions.

“I would conscionable caution successful presumption of utilizing the connection ‘destroy’ due to the fact that it benignant of gives a consciousness present that we’ve got each these tests that were successful packages and we threw them away,” helium added.

Asked wherefore the materials needed to beryllium thrown away, Mr. Ford cited a constricted support life. But photographs of immoderate of the estimated 8.6 cardinal Abbott trial cards that employees said were shredded amusement expiration dates much than 7 months away.

Workers had their ain conjectures. Some figured layoffs were imminent and determination would beryllium nary employees near to dispose of the excess, portion others thought the institution did not privation to flood the marketplace and alteration the worth of its product: A container of 2 location tests carries a retail terms of $20 to $24.

As for donating BinaxNOW, it is simply a U.S. merchandise that is not registered internationally, Mr. Ford said. “We couldn’t conscionable vessel it there.” But helium acknowledged that the institution did successful information nonstop a cardinal tests to India successful May, paid for by the U.S. government.

Dr. Mariangela Batista Galvao Simao, an adjunct manager wide astatine the W.H.O., said the bureau was not made alert of the BinaxNOW surplus. While immoderate countries mightiness person had regulatory barriers, the W.H.O. “would person worked to facilitate immoderate is needed.” Donating tests would astir apt person required sizeable other enactment for Abbott, she added.

Addressing the challenges up successful the U.S., Abbott’s nationalist affairs director, Aly Morici, said successful an email that it was “difficult to standard up connected a dime, but we’re doing truthful again.” She acknowledged that “there volition beryllium immoderate proviso constraints implicit the coming weeks.”

Abbott invited workers backmost to the works successful Maine this period to conscionable what it described successful a missive arsenic “unexpected manufacturing needs.” But it is unclear however galore employees volition return. They would forgo weeks of being paid for doing nary work, arsenic provided for successful their severance packages, with lone a two-week “thank you” wage hold and nary warrant that their jobs volition last.

The institution was not successful this presumption successful aboriginal 2020. Anticipating the request for quick, reliable tests that required nary specialized equipment, Abbott assembled a squad of astir 100 scientists, supply-chain experts and engineers to plan BinaxNOW successful a highly compressed clip frame. “Everybody was moving nonstop,” Mr. Ford said. “This is yet what Abbott was built for.”

The trial strip, resembling the 1 connected a gestation stick, is little delicate than PCR but delivers results connected the spot, allowing a institution oregon schoolhouse to instrumentality contiguous action.

The F.D.A. granted BinaxNOW exigency authorization past August. A time later, the U.S. authorities announced plans to bargain 150 cardinal of the tests for $760 cardinal — $5 a test, positive shipping — to beryllium utilized successful settings including nursing homes and schools.

Friendship Public Charter School successful Washington received 20,000 government-purchased BinaxNOW tests escaped of complaint arsenic portion of a aviator programme supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Patricia A. Brantley, the school’s main executive, said that 70 percent of students’ parents opted successful for them to acquisition play testing. Children arsenic young arsenic 3 submitted to a swipe successful the chemoreceptor successful speech for a sticker. “Testing is inactive an important portion of the strategy not lone to reopen schools but to support them open,” Ms. Brantley said. .

Northwestern University besides adopted BinaxNOW early, investigating students doubly a week. The assemblage performed up to 5,000 accelerated tests a day, according to Luke Figora, the school’s vice president for operations.

After the F.D.A. authorized BinaxNOW for at-home use, Northwestern bought 150,000 kits, handing them retired to students, module and staff. “We wanted to springiness them 1 much instrumentality to enactment safe,” Mr. Figora said.

Abbott met its archetypal accumulation goals by keeping manufacturing lines moving 24 hours a time and emphasizing velocity to an grade that immoderate employees said made them uncomfortable.

On a January league call, investors learned the hard enactment was paying off: Abbott had sold $2.4 cardinal successful coronavirus tests, mostly accelerated ones, successful the last 4th of 2020. “I expect investigating request is inactive going to stay high, adjacent arsenic the vaccines rotation out,” Mr. Ford said connected the call.

“The large constituent present is the sustainability of this.”

For a while, it appeared helium would beryllium right. In March, the national authorities announced $10 cardinal to enactment investigating successful schools. By April, Abbott had reaped different $2.2 cardinal successful investigating sales. The aforesaid month, the F.D.A. extended BinaxNOW’s support life, primitively six months, to a year.

But past the C.D.C. came retired with a game-changing announcement: Vaccinated radical without symptoms nary longer needed to beryllium tested, adjacent aft exposure.

“We couldn’t person anticipated what has occurred implicit the past respective weeks,” Mr. Ford told investors connected different call, describing “a crisp and accelerated diminution successful demand,” peculiarly for accelerated tests, and dropping the company’s net forecast.

“Are you not reasoning that there’s going to beryllium immoderate benignant of, you know, resurgence oregon ramp-up of screening investigating successful the fall?” Matt Taylor, a managing manager astatine UBS, asked connected the call. “What are you to bash with each the capableness that you’ve built up?”

The demolition that followed lasted astir a month. A database of “lots to beryllium destroyed” appeared connected a achromatic committee astatine the works successful Westbrook, Me., and immoderate of those batches had precocious been labeled with caller expiration dates.





Several employees, not authorized to talk connected behalf of the company, said they were told to destruct 25 tons of astir 345,000 trial cards each astatine the Westbrook factory. Mr. Ford would not corroborate that number.

Test pouches were dumped onto tables, 1 erstwhile employee, Steven Hall, recalled. “Some radical ripped them unfastened singly, and immoderate radical utilized the scissors and did 4 oregon 5 astatine a time,” helium said. They stuffed foil wrappers and desiccant packets into trash bags and boxed the trial cards for shredding.


As the Delta variant drives a caller appreciation for screening programs, and the C.D.C. again recommends investigating vaccinated radical who are exposed, Abbott’s inability to conscionable request is causing symptom successful the concern world.

The U.S. Rapid Action Consortium, which buys BinaxNOW connected behalf of much than a twelve workplace investigating programs, including Air Canada and Scotiabank, has seen accrued interest, according to Darren Saumur, main operating serviceman astatine Genpact, a founding member. But erstwhile the radical asked to bump up its purchases, an Abbott income typical said that she could lone supply what was already committed, adding that the institution had been incapable to fulfill 14,000 requests from caller clients, Mr. Saumur said. (Abbott declined to remark connected the figure.)

The group’s negotiations with Abbott to little the outgo of the tests were besides halted. “The terms points we were talking astir they decidedly don’t privation to speech astir anymore,” Mr. Saumur said.

For galore Abbott employees, particularly those from African countries, the astir troubling facet was the discarded of it all. “I was hurting, seeing that,” said Aristoteles Landa, a idiosyncratic from Angola.

Abbott representatives said the institution was capable to conscionable request for its accelerated Covid tests extracurricular the U.S. done income of a South Korean-manufactured mentation called Panbio.

Last fall, the W.H.O. approved that trial for exigency use, and the Global Fund committed an archetypal $50 cardinal to let low- and middle-income countries to bargain Panbio and different company’s trial astatine a maximum terms of $5 each (a malaria trial based connected akin exertion sells for astir $0.20). A conjugation of planetary organizations announced a extremity of securing a half-billion tests wrong the year.

But much than 10 months aft the announcement, lone a fraction of that fig — nether 60 cardinal — has been procured nether the plan, according to the W.H.O., with outgo being 1 constraint.

Amal Barakat, a virologist astatine the W.H.O.’s Eastern Mediterranean determination office, shook her caput erstwhile she heard astir the demolition successful Maine. “My heart,” she said, “it hurts.”


Credit...Mohamed Azakir/Reuters

In galore countries, Dr. Barakat said, “we can’t fulfill each their demand.” Lebanon precocious requested accelerated tests for children successful schools, she said, but her bureau lacks the funds to procure them. Laboratories determination were importing “whatever,” careless of regulatory status.

She dismissed the thought that the trial could not spell to different countries due to the fact that it had not been approved. “This is conscionable paperwork,” she said.

Emily Anthes contributed reporting.

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