Marjorie Taylor Greene Staff Physically Attack March For Our Lives Kids In Iowa

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) responded to Iowa March For Our Lives kids asking her a question astir weapon unit by having her information propulsion an organizer to the crushed and footwear them retired of the event.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicks Iowa Kids Out Out Event

In a connection provided to PoliticusUSA, March For Our Lives described the scene:

Last night, successful Des Moines, IA, young radical with March For Our Lives Iowa attended an America First rally headlined by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to request to cognize wherefore Marjorie Taylor Greene cares much astir authorities and profits than children’s lives. Over the years, she and her NRA cronies successful Congress person dispersed lies and misinformation astir weapon unit successful America, gaslighting victims of wide shootings alternatively than calling retired the weapon manufacturers who defy accountability for enabling the deaths of thousands of Americans with their weapons of war. 

Rather than reply young people’s elemental questions astatine a backstage conscionable and greet, her unit threw 1 organizer to the crushed and expelled them from the venue. Young radical person conscionable 1 question: Why bash you hatred kids, Marjorie? 

Marjorie Taylor Greene Disrespects And Assaults Kids Who Are Trying To End Gun Violence

Rep, Greene is successful Iowa arsenic portion of her unreal 2024 statesmanlike campaign. Greene appears to beryllium toying with a imaginable statesmanlike run arsenic a fundraising and attention-getting device.

Greene’s unit is good known for their thuggery, truthful this onslaught connected young radical was not retired of quality for them.

The lone mode that she would tally would beryllium if Donald Trump didn’t run. If Trump doesn’t run, expect each GOP extremist and grifter to propulsion their chapeau into the ring.

Greene is showing that her reply to weapon unit successful America is to virtually person her unit physically onslaught and region activists who are trying not to get changeable successful school.

If Greene can’t grip a question from kids successful Iowa astir weapon violence, past she doesn’t beryllium successful Congress oregon the presidency.

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