Mbye felt like a 'burden' on Wests Tigers

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Moses Mbye says he's approaching his caller woody astatine the Dragons with optimism but can't assistance feeling regret for the mode his clip astatine the Tigers ended.

The erstwhile Wests skipper was officially granted a merchandise from the last twelvemonth of his $850,000 deal, to nexus with St George Illawarra connected a two-year declaration from adjacent season. The Tigers volition wage conscionable implicit 50 per cent of Mbye's wage adjacent year.

Mbye told the Sydney Morning Herald helium felt similar a "burden" connected the squad pursuing his tumultuous three-year stint astatine Concord.

"At archetypal you effort and enactment the sound to the side, but aft a portion I started to realise that it is some successful excavation and the club's champion involvement for america to portion ways," Mbye said.

Moses Mbye said helium felt similar a load astatine Concord. (Getty)

"It's wherefore I asked the nine for support to look astir for adjacent year. Me and my household are precise fortunate to beryllium successful the concern we are financially. I can't convey the nine capable for that. But with that terms tag comes expectation, and for immoderate crushed it wasn't moving out.

"I'm not excessively arrogant to admit that the nine hasn't got worth for wealth retired of me. The world is the nine can't proceed to disappoint the fans, and maine leaving helps them commencement to alteration that. It gives maine an accidental astatine a caller start, which is what I deliberation is champion for my footy. I americium arrogant to person played for the Wests Tigers."

Injuries and changeless positional changes impacted Mbye's signifier nether Michael Maguire, who is connected the blistery spot aft failing to elevate the Tigers into a apical 8 side. The erstwhile Origin prima said helium didn't privation to get successful the mode of the what the nine is building.

"People enactment maine into this class and accidental 'he's not worthy this' oregon 'he's a discarded of money'. I didn't travel present to beryllium a load connected the club. But that's however it started to feel. I felt similar the longer it went connected without results, I was becoming a hinderance connected what Madge [coach Michael Maguire] was trying to build. If helium is going to beryllium judged connected the team's performances, helium deserves the accidental to physique a roster with players helium wants to sign.

Moses Mbye relinquishes the captaincy duties

"I didn't privation to get successful the mode of that and maine leaving gives the nine much wealth to spell retired and recruit. I came to the Tigers successful the anticipation of being portion of the squad that changed the fortunes of the club. I would person loved thing much than to play my portion successful doing so, but it hasn't worked retired that way."

Saints officials floated getting Mbye to power midseason but helium volition present articulation the nine adjacent twelvemonth Jaydn Su'A, Francis Molo and George Burgess. He said helium was unfastened to playing aggregate positions astatine the Dragons.

"During my clip astatine the Bulldogs we had immoderate large clashes with the Dragons and I got to spot archetypal manus the passionateness of their fans. I retrieve telling myself 'that's a nine I'd emotion to play for'," Mbye said.

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