Melissa Joan Hart, fully vaccinated and sick with Covid, warns others to 'stay vigilant'

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(CNN)Actress Melissa Joan Hart has revealed she's rather sick with Covid, contempt being afloat vaccinated and wants to promote others to "stay safe."

The "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star took to Instagram (from bed) to archer followers "it's bad" and that she thinks she whitethorn person caught it from 1 of her kids.

"I americium vaccinated and I got Covid and it's bad," she said. "It's weighing connected my chest. It's hard to breathe. One of my kids, I think, has it truthful far. I'm praying that the different ones are okay."

    She continued: "I deliberation arsenic a state we got a small lazy and I'm truly huffy that my kids didn't person to deterioration a disguise astatine school. I'm beauteous definite that's wherever this came from. I conscionable truly anticipation my hubby and the different ones don't get it, due to the fact that if idiosyncratic has to beryllium taken to the hospital, I can't spell with them."

      Hart says she's not trying to beryllium governmental with her post, she's conscionable sharing an update connected her health.

      "I wanted to stock this with each of you. I'm not posting this to beryllium governmental oregon summation pity, I conscionable privation to stock my journey. This isn't up for debate, it's conscionable however I consciousness contiguous connected my page," she wrote.

      Hart shares sons Tucker McFadden, 8, Braydon Hart, 13, and Mason Walter, 15, with hubby Mark Wilkerson, and says her youngest is masking up each day.

      "I'm conscionable frightened and sad, and disappointed successful myself and immoderate of our leaders," she added. "I conscionable privation I'd done better, truthful I'm asking you guys to bash better. Protect your families. Protect your kids."

        She reminded everyone the pandemic is "not implicit yet."

        "I hoped it was, but it's not, truthful enactment vigilant and enactment safe," she said.

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